Is It Safe To Drink Coffee on an Airplane?

Are you wondering is it safe to drink coffee on an airplane? It’s a controversial topic within different travel forums and conversations if it’s really safe to drink coffee, tea, or any drink on airplanes. So many questions and point of views, so I went to asked my trusted friends who work as flight attendants on different international airlines.

Yes, it is safe to drink coffee, tea, alcohol and water on airplanes. According to various flight attendants who have been working from various three to five-star international airlines. The health and safety procedures of the airlines when it comes to food and drinks handling is the same great quality as the normal catering standards on land.

As a frequent traveller, I feel that it is also safe to drink coffee, tea and other drink on airplanes during flights. Getting hydrated while flying is important most especially on the long haul ones.  Let me share with you more insights on what my flight attendant friends told me about the process of food handling on aeroplanes.

Upon doing my research on this topic, I also found a study from 2015 about aircraft water. It’s an interesting read, but it can be too outdated considering there are loads of advancement in science and technology now. 

I have also checked the guidelines all US aviation companies follow when it comes to the quality of aircraft drinking water.  You can read it here.

Should you drink coffee before a flight?

Drinking coffee before a flight is also an option if you wish not to drink any freshly-made beverages onboard. This will ensure that you won’t have any doubts on the water source if you are so concerned about it and its possible cross-contamination from the main water mains to the airplane water storage. 

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What should you drink on an airplane?

Any in-flight beverages are comforting and thirst-quenching. Most airlines serve tea, coffee and fruit juices. They also offer different alcoholic beverages upon request.  Depending on which in-flight class you are in, they serve these beverages from paper cups to various fine china. Some airplane even has its own cocktail bars and serve different cocktail and mocktail drinks.

What is the different quality of drinks served in economy class, business and first-class?

The main difference of drinks served in the economy, business and first-class in-flight are the ingredients and the service on how the drinks are presented and served.

I asked my flight attendant friend that works in a 5-star airline, she told me all the difference and service in various in-flight tiers. In the economy class, drinks are typically served in disposable cups and plastic bottles.

The coffee served on the economy class are usually the instant coffee that is pre-packed in the sachets or produced in a big economy pack for big catering batches. The fruit juices are mostly served in tetra packs and plastic bottles that are pre-packed drinks that you can typically see in the supermarket.

Wines and other alcoholic beverages are typically the house wine and the small one-shot bottles. You can typically find drinking water in economy class served in 500mls or less plastic bottles.

The business and first classes are have somehow same nice in-flight privileges. Their coffee and teas have more types and flavours. The alcoholic beverages has more selections various wines, cocktails and mocktails.  The beverages are also served in fine china or glass. 

The Business and First class also have their specially curated menu during the flight. The drinks are pretty generous and the passengers can have them whenever they fancy.

Can I take an empty flask on a plane?

Yes, you can take an empty flask on a plane. Flask can be handy when getting drinks on the go. Empty flask is necessary most especially when passing the airport security otherwise you will be forced to drink or throw away the drink in your flask.

Having flask when travelling is also a good practice for sustainability.  This helps in reducing plastic pollution and becoming a more responsible traveller

I hope that this helps you in deciding and answering your burning question if it is safe to drink coffee on an airplane.

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