Coffee! Coffee!Are you a coffee addict? 

Coffee is one of the most loved drinks in the world and the second biggest product in the world after petroleum.  Hopefully, this article will give you an idea how massive and deeply rooted our love affair with coffee is. Recently, our love of coffee has been celebrated with the International Coffee day (1st October).

The History & Benefits: 

Coffee is believed to have originated from Ethiopia as the coffee plant grows there naturally. Around 500 –  800 A.D, the coffee plant was then taken to Yemen by one of the great masters, who was based in the port city of Mocha. Hence, the name of the popular coffee flavour came from this city.

From then, coffee has been one of the most loved beverages in Asia, due to its stimulants and its sleep reducing effects. Around 1615, the buzz about coffee had reached Europe through travellers and merchants. This coffee invasion was the start of the love affair of the western world, where they began setting up coffee houses for the rich, and it also became the centre of the intellectual activities.

The most loved beverage also has beneficial effects. Coffee is naturally rich in anti-oxidants that can help rejuvenate your body and well-being. The Green Coffee is believed to help speed up your metabolism and as an aid to weight loss.

Caffeine is also one of the substances that can be found in these little brown beans, which is the reason why loads of people (including me) love it. It’s the side effects of coffee that most of us are after to avoid the sleepiness and sluggish feeling during day time or when needed.

The List of the Best Coffee in the World

1. Jamaican Blue Mountain 

Grown on the top of the Blue Mountains of Jamaica, this is the one of the most expensive coffee in the world. Only a limited amount of Blue Mountain coffee bean is produced yearly. This Caribbean produce is massively exported to Japan. It has a beautiful bold taste and powerful kick of caffeine to keep you awake for hours. I tried this coffee for the first time when I visited Jamaica; I instantly love it!

Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee

2. Turkish Coffee

A must and trademark in every corner of the Ottoman empire. The preparation up to the serving of Turkish coffee has a character of its own; a good Turkish coffee should be made in a copper cezve (a small pot that’s used to simmer the coffee) to ensure the prime taste and quality of the coffee. The thick and frothy consistency of the coffee is delicious and something that you should try when you visit Turkey. The Turkish coffee is typically served with water to help cleanse your palate ready for the strong taste of the coffee.


Turkish Coffee

Photo Credit: JP Licudan  / The Rustic Nomad

3. Colombian Coffee

This coffee will give you a good kick of caffeine and comes in different strengths (whichever you might prefer).  Kach gave me a Juan Valdez coffee from Colombia. Oh boy! It was beautiful. Colombian coffee has a respected reputation in the coffee industry; This is the third largest type of coffee produce.

Colombian Coffee

Photo credit: McKay Savage / CC-BY 2.0

4. Old Town White Coffee

If you like the sweet blend type of coffee, this is for you! My Singapore-based blogger & friend JP from The Rustic Nomad gave me a massive bag of this sweet and smooth coffee. This coffee blend is originally from the Ipoh, Malaysia. The coffee is roasted with margarine for a short period and served with condensed milk.

Old Town Coffee

Photo credit: Muhammad Ashiq / CC BY-SA 2.0

5. Civet or Luwak Coffee

Another one that we can consider as the one of the most expensive coffee in the world. Civet or Luwak Coffee is made from the faeces of the Asian Palm Civet. It might sound disgusting, but this little fella’s (Palm Civet) poo can be considered as gold!

Civet Coffee or Luwak coffee

Photo credit: maddalena monge / CC BY-NC 2.0

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List of the Best Coffee in the World
List of the best coffee in the world