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Visiting Amsterdam for the first time?

There are so many things to do in this large city that a few days’ stay is not enough. It will therefore be wise to focus on the center of this bustling tourist destination especially if you are just staying over there for the weekend break.

Loaded with picture-perfect neighborhoods and worthwhile activities even just around the central station, there is no need to feel as if you’re missing out on things. In this post, we shall give you a shortlist of best things to do in Amsterdam central in order to make your first time one for the books.

Things to Do in Amsterdam Central for First-Time Visitor

Amsterdam is the commercial and cultural capital of the Netherlands. What started out as a fishing village is now a world-class city consequently regarded as one of the best locations to live and work. It is characterized by its numerous canals, historic establishments and bike-friendly roads.

View of 15 Bridges in Amsterdam

Its society is comprised of multicultural residents and frequent travelers, making the city a true melting pot of many influences from around the globe. One visit to this popular destination and you are sure to fall in love with the lifestyle and the freedom you can only get from the boundless beauty that is Amsterdam.

There are a couple of things you need to know before your trip to Amsterdam, and while we cannot possibly exhaust every single item you have to keep in mind, you must know that (1) the weather is almost unpredictable; (2) cyclists are everywhere; and (3) there’s a HUGE difference between a cafe and a coffeeshop.

Mistakes are inevitable, yes, especially when it’s your first. However, it doesn’t hurt to read well in advance to avoid being embarrassed or unprepared in public! Well – let’s save this for another post, shall we? Here’s a couple of things that every new visitor must do when exploring Amsterdam central.

Top Activities in Amsterdam Central

Best accommodations and Where to stay in Amsterdam Central

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