Top Attractions and Best Things to Do in Kingston, Jamaica

Christopher Columbus saw it for himself – Jamaica is truly a sight to behold. Kingston, its capital city, is a culture hub circled with a mix of mountains, waters and a whole lot of music.

It is quite impossible to not mention the violence that a lot of people equate with Kingston, Jamaica, but you can’t also just discard the fact that the city is one of a kind.

It is home to many prominent Jamaican artists, proof that beauty can come out of even such a negatively-described community. Security aside (but still in mind,) you will learn to see Kingston like never before.

Devon House in Kingston Jamaica
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A lot of times, travelers from around the globe purposefully go to the stunning coastlines of Jamaica through Kingston without paying much attention to the country’s metropolis. That is why we make it our mission to entice you to stay for a while and experience what Kingston has to offer.

If you ask me, the art and the music are enough to lure me in! The Bob Marley and Peter Tosh museums are definitely tourist destinations of their own.

The food awaiting you here, too, is superb, with promises of full jerk flavors, delectable ice cream and world-famous Jamaican patties.Vegans will find Kingston, Jamaica a piece of heaven, too! Local spices and organic produce make regular vegan dishes interesting, sumptuous and definitely filling.

The million dollar question is probably this: is it safe to travel to Kingston, Jamaica? With all the city crimes reported in media nowadays, should we really pay this place a visit? Adding to that are the earthquakes and hurricanes that plague the Caribbean on a yearly basis.

Our advice for those wanting to visit this place is this: You must definitely consider going to Kingston, Jamaica, but careful planning needs to be done. Do a thorough online research, commit to staying out of unsafe places for tourists, and just scrap out the idea of going there anytime between September to November.

Here’s a list of things you will miss if you let the negativity eat you up!

Best accommodations and Where to stay in Kingston, Jamaica

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Devon House in Kingston Jamaica
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