The Best Jamaica Itinerary For A Fun and Relaxing Week

Looking for the best Jamaica itinerary to guide you to see and enjoy this beautiful Caribbean country? I had a chance to visit Jamaica and as cliché as it sounds, it was a wonderful week exploring the natural beauty and cultural side of the island. The seven days is enough to explore the colourful land of Jamaica.

Don’t even get me started with the food like Jamaican patties and the famous Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee. Another thing born from this island is reggae music, and it’s best heard and experienced in Jamaica where it all started.

Let me share with you our Jamaica itinerary that my family and I did when exploring the island from Montego Bay to Kingston.

Visa Requirements

Since I’m a dual citizen, let me share with you the visa requirements for Philippine and UK nationals.

Philippine Passport holders: Visa is required to travel to Jamaica. Most of the flights to Jamaica from the Philippines are going through the USA.  In this case, you will also have to secure a US Visa. 

Here are the requirements to secure a Jamaican visa for Filipino citizens:

  • Valid passport
  • One passport size photo
  • Completed Visa application form J, (download here)
  • Valid return visa to the USA  (if applicable)
  • Flight itinerary (return ticket)
  • Bank statements 

You can submit your Jamaican Tourist application to your nearest Jamaican Consulate or Embassy. 

UK Passport holders: British citizens can visit Jamaica visa-free. I personally use my British passport to enter Jamaica on this trip.

Jamaica Arrival Stamp for UK Passport Visa Free countries to visit
Jamaica Itinerary: Jamaican Passport stamp for tourists

For other Passport holders: Check if you need a Jamaican Tourist visa as well as a US Transit visa prior to your travel. See the list of countries who requires a visa to visit Jamaica.

Trip Budget

Here are the details of all the key elements of your budget for this Jamaica itinerary. We explored the island with the view to see more of the different attractions outside of the famous all-inclusive resorts.  We wanted to experience the “true” Jamaica’s culture and beauty. 


St. Anne Parish:

Upon our arrival in Montego Bay, Jamaica, we headed to stay in a classic plantation guest house in St. Anne’s Parish near Ocho Rios. We stayed in the Sussex Estate Plantation Suite hosted by the lovely couple David and Ellie. You can book this place thru Airbnb.  You can get free Airbnb travel credit worth €28 here.

I really loved our stay at the Sussex Estate Plantation Suite, it inspired me and appreciate the beautiful home design of colonial houses.

Alternatively, you can also check the various places to stay like guest houses and hotels in St. Anne and Ocho Rios.

Port Antonio Parish:

Spending time with nature is our next agenda in visiting Port Antonio Parish on the other side of the island. 

We stayed in Hotel Mockingbird Hill, just the perfect spot to see the chill vibes of the Caribbean sea and the Blue Mountains of Jamaica. You can book your stay and read the reviews from TripAdvisor here. Alternatively, you can also check other places to stay around Port Antonio here. 

I made a Mockingbird Hill hotel review blog post, discussing our stay in the hotel.


The last leg of our trip to Jamaica is to visit and see the cultural scene of the island. During our visit to the island’s capital, Kingston, we stayed in Altamont Court Hotel. Alternatively, you can also check other places to stay in Kingston here.


Since we came from the UK, we took the direct flight from London to Montego Bay, Jamaica via Virgin Airways. Thus, no US visa was required.  Also, I did use my British passport for this trip. 

Alternatively, you can search for cheap flights to Jamaica here.

Land Transportations:

Travelling around Jamaica in public transport is pretty easy using the Knutsford Express. Since we are trying to lessen the carbon emission, we travelled mostly using public transport in between towns in Jamaica. 

Alternatively, you can also rent a car in Jamaica to travel around the island.


There are various activities and things to do around the island.  I have written another blog post about some of our suggested things to do in Jamaica

Itinerary Details

Day 1: Montego Bay

Montego Bay is one of the main cities of Jamaica.  Known for their pristine white beaches, cruise hubs and a few all-inclusive resorts. 

We flew from London, UK to Sangsters International Airport in Montego Bay.  It is cheaper to fly to Montego Bay than Kingston. Since we arrived late in Montego Bay, we have arranged to have an airport pick to our accommodation – The Sussex Estate.  You can arrange your airport pick up here from Montego Bay to any hotel in Jamaica.

However, you can also get a public bus from the Sangster International Airport to Ocho Rios via Knutsford Express.

Suggested Activities: 

Chukka Horseback Ride N’ Swim: Montego Bay and Negril | Montego Bay City and Rose Hall Haunted House Tour | Cruise the Martha Brae River: Private Bamboo Raft Tour | Jamaica: Rum and Reggae Tour

Suggested Accommodation: | Agoda | TripAdvisor | Get £25 Travel Credit in Airbnb

Day 2: Ocho Rios

Spend the day exploring another popular cruise port in Jamaica, Ocho Rios. 

From our accommodation, it was a short trip using the local public transport called Route Taxi. Ocho Rios is known for various tourists attractions like Dunn’s River Falls, Dolphin Cove, Mystic Mountain and the buzzing markets filled with various Jamaican souvenirs. 

Dunns River Falls in Jamaica
Jamaica itinerary: Dunn’s River Falls near Ocho Rios

Another popular tourist attraction not far from Ocho Rios is the hometown of the music legend Bob Marley in Nine Mile. It is a visit worth doing for all the reggae music lovers. You can see here the 14 Best Things to do in Ocho Rios and Nearby Towns in Jamaica

Suggested Activities:

Jamaica: Dunn’s River Falls, 9 Mile and Optional Lagoon Tour | Bob Marley Roots Reggae and Culture Tour with Lunch | Jamaica Bobsled and Zip Line Adventure Tour

Suggested Accommodation: | Agoda | TripAdvisor | Get a £25 Travel Credit in Airbnb

Day 3 – 5: Port Antonio

This serene side of the island is definitely not to miss when you visit Jamaica.  Port Antonio is on the Northeastern side of the island.  

Frenchman's cove in Portland Jamaica
Jamaica itinerary: Frenchman’s Cove in Port Antonio

Known for the idyllic beaches, the Rio Grande,  the Blue Mountain, Frenchman’s Cove, Blue Lagoon, Reach falls, Boston Bay and the home of Errol Flynn. A great way to bond with nature and just have a relaxing time in Jamaica. Port Antonio is also a romantic destination perfect for a honeymoon or beach wedding. 

You can read here the 13 Best Things to do in Portland Jamaica for families and couples

Suggested Activities:

Jamaican Artisan Coffee Lover Tour | Birdwatching in Jamaica| Rafting in Rio Grande | Beach hopping in Port Antonio, Jamaica

Suggested Accommodation: | Agoda | TripAdvisor | Get £25 Free Travel Credit in Airbnb

Day 6 – 7: Kingston

For the last leg of our Jamaica itinerary, we enjoy the island bustling city island vibes in Kingston. We went around to explore the city’s arts and cultural scene starting from the music tour and city highlights. I wrote another blog post about the Top Attractions and Best Things to Do in Kingston, Jamaica

We also enjoyed visiting the old churches and synagogues in Kingston: The Cathedral of Holy Trinity, St. Andrew’s Church and Shaare Shalom Synagogue. We also visited a Rastafarian community in town. 

A visit to Alpha Boys’ School is a must for all music lovers to see and appreciate the institution that nurtured most of the gifted Jamaican musicians. 

Devon House in Kingston Jamaica
Jamaica itinerary: Devon House in Kingston, Jamaica

Of course, before leaving the city, it is a must to visit the National Gallery of Jamaica and the beautiful Devon House.

Suggested Activities:

From Kingston: Blue Mountain Hike and Coffee Tour | Kingston: Devon House Tour and Ice Cream Treat | City Tour of Kingston Including Entry Fee | Kingston: Story of Jamaican Music Tour including Entry Fees |

Suggested Accommodation: | Agoda | TripAdvisor | Get £25 Free Travel Credit in Airbnb

I hope our Jamaica itinerary will help your upcoming trip to the island.
Feel the irie island vibes while travelling around Jamaica!

Have you been to Jamaica?
Share us your travel experience!

Best Jamaica Itinerary for a week


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