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How beautiful exactly is Lake Como, you say? Well… beautiful enough for George Clooney to make its grounds the location for his summer mansion.

Its whole landscape is arguably one of the most mesmerizing and relaxing to experience. With its breathtaking beaches, green mountains, and stunning parks and reserves, Lake Como sure has a lot of every piece of Mother Nature to offer.

Summer is, of course, the most popular time for tourists to go for a visit here, but come spring time you’ll get to witness the flowering that the season brings in.

Top Attractions and Things to Do in Lake Como (Italy)
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Serenity is the main selling point of Lake Como. It promises a relaxing vacation to every vacationer who chooses to experience this side of Italy.

Situated at the foothills of the Alps, Lake Como (also known as Lario) is one of the deepest and largest lakes in the country. Its inverted Y shape, the surrounding mountains, the clear sky… this tourist spot boasts of a very picturesque yet tranquil scenery.

Lake Como Italy
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Apart from that, several charming towns and villages occupy the ground, awaiting to be explored and experienced. To reach them, we highly suggest you take a boat and enjoy a scenic route like no other.

Weather in Lake Como is pleasant in general. When the climate tends to be too hot and humid, the lake provides natural cooling for the surrounding areas. Anyway, if it gets too extreme for you, you can always jump on the lake for a refreshing swim! If off-season deals and ultimate quietness appeal to you, visit the area during winter.

The solemnity that the cold breeze adds to the lake’s year-round beauty is an enticing feature of its own. To give you more ideas on the kinds of activities which you can do in and around Lake Como, check out our list below.

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Best accommodations and Where to stay in Lake Como

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