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When one says Greece, the islands of Santorini is on top of your mind for sure. The bright blue roofs that shade the regal white homes, the incredible weather that complement its stunning sunsets, the never-ending seascape… You are teleported to the glossy pages of the magazines that rave about the Greek islands and the numerous websites that speak about a dozen (and more) things to do in Santorini (like us!) Perhaps you have been there before, and are eager to come back and experience the island once again. We can’t blame you – we’d do so too, in a snap!

The Top Things To Do In Santorini (Greece) For A Perfect Day Trip
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Located in the Southern Aegean Sea, Santorini is a group of islands that is very popular to visitors coming to Greece. It welcomes people who are there for a day; wandering around will leave you equally in love with this paradise.

Travelers who stay for more days, of course, get to experience the islands beyond its picturesque blue and white facade. For people who would like to do away with the added needs that come with renting a vehicle, the ever-dependable bus tours are ready to take you to a full day of beaches, wines and villages. For others who would want a more relaxed vacation, the fishes and springs await you at your most preferred pace.

The freshest seafood, the most breathtaking hikes, the most exquisite volcanic wines… These are only some of the many things that are yours for the taking once you visit Santorini.

Take our friendly travel packing list advice here: pack a comfortable AND picture-perfect wardrobe because you would not want to miss the opportunity of being one with this wonderful paradise. To help you get more excited about your future trip – as if you need to! – here is a list of things to do in the beautiful islands of Santorini.

Best accommodations and Where to stay in Santorini

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