Top Attractions and Things to Do in Venice That Won’t Break your Budget

Welcome to Venice, a stunning city with 118 small islands linked by 354 bridges and divided by 170 canals.

A destination that certainly needs no introduction, Venice IS the gondola rides famously captained by gondoliers wearing striped jerseys. Venice IS the Grand Canal cruise. Venice IS the historic palaces and lovely churches along a street of water. How one can conceptualize a busy place out of a lagoon, it’s hard to fathom.

Venetian Masks in Venice Italy
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It’s here, though, and it’s lovely… but it’s sinking, and a lot of us travel bugs are left with a hard decision to make:

Should we go visit the city before it’s too late, or must we not contribute anymore to its demise?

Nevertheless, no one can possibly stop us from praising this city to the core. At any season and in any time of day, the area is filled with tourists wanting to experience what they read or saw in various media, or perhaps are in the city for the nth time. Venice is a city that offers allot to sightseers, but if you don’t mind paying (a lot,) there are various museums and galleries that are more than enough to fill your itinerary. Research is key; there are combined deals which you can purchase in order to save a euro or two.

Beautiful Venice Italy skyline sunset
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Many may have already warned you about the exorbitant prices of food in Venice. While it is true, there are still many places where you can buy a decent meal without cashing out a lot of money. Drinking fountains are everywhere as well, so that saves you a lot from buying bottled water.

Anyway – we are here assuming you’re (more or less) ready to spend, because you picked a rather expensive destination to go to. Is it worth it? Yes. So, go and read on about the different things you can do during your stay in Venice.

Top Activities in Venice

Best accommodations and Where to stay in Venice

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Beautiful Venice Italy skyline sunset
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