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Before you start looking for the best cruise deals online, better start searching for the best cruise destinations first.

Whether the cruise destinations are part of the famous cruise routes, around the world cruises or part of the repositioning cruises these destinations will definitely worth travelling to!

Cruising is a convenient way of travelling and exploring different countries. Cruise ships nowadays are literally a floating city!  You will never run out of something to do inside the cruise ship. Read this post that I made about the various activities on sea days!

Of course, other than admiring the interior of the ship, the various cruise excursions are also available to enrich your cruising experience.

Best Cruise Destinations Around the World

So I asked my fellow travel and cruise bloggers to share their pick for the best cruise destinations in the world.

Read their recommendations below of various destinations of the top cruises in the world and see how many of these destinations you have been or would like to do on your cruise.


British Isles Cruise

Country visited: UK, Ireland, France and Jersey
Suggested Cruises: British Isles Cruise for 12 Days with Dublin Overnight | 12 Days British Isles Cruise with Kirkwall

Balcony Cabin View onboard Royal Princess

Another way of exploring the UK and its beautiful landscape is thru cruising around the British Isles.

I recently went cruising with Princess Cruises on Royal Princess around the British Isles and see the magnificent highlights of the UK and Ireland. Waking up in various places around the UK each day was such a relaxing and convenient travel experience.

British Isles cruise starts from Southampton on to Jersey, Cork, Dublin, Belfast, Glasgow, Inverness, Edinburgh, Le Havre and back to Southampton.

Each port of calls gave us a rich experience and an opportunity to witness the grandeur of medieval castles, historical places, rich cultural traditions and endless British and Irish landscapes.

Svalbard Cruise

Suggested by Daniel Bradley | Cruising Baker
Country: Norway

Svalbard Norway A Best Cruise Destinations

If you’re in search of something a little out of the ordinary then look no further!

An Arctic cruise to Svalbard may be just the ticket. Quite literally breath-taking, Svalbard is full of incredible sights and fascinating destinations.

Just a stroll in the largest settlement of Longyearbyen leaves you in awe. Encased by snow-topped mountains it’s a wonder to behold and home to some of the friendliest people on the planet.

Also a hub for science and research, Svalbard is a natural sanctuary for wildlife, home to an array of animals from the nimble arctic fox to the mighty Polar Bear.

There are lots to see and a trip to the Svalbard Museum located next to the University Ce