Beating jet lag during your long-haul flights can seem daunting and already expected once you sorted out your travel plans to some far-flung destination.
Our busy lifestyle sometimes won’t let us prepare our body clock to adjust to this major shift before we go onboard our flight.
long haul flights at the airport tips on jet lag
I first encountered jet lag on 2011 during our flight back to the Philippines from the UK.

It was awful!

We were completely exhausted from the long haul flight and not even started our holiday.

That state of exhaustion was completely new to me back then.

My body clock had a really tough time to adjust from the 16-hour flight from the west (UK) to the east (Philippines) with the 8-hour time difference.

When my husband and I arrived in the Philippines, we were completely shattered, because we haven’t slept for the last 24 hours due to the travel time and time difference.

When we managed to catch up on our sleep, our body is still set for the UK time.  So this would mean it’s evening in the Philippines when everyone is asleep, we are wide awake!

It took three to five days before and a few adjustments to our activities before we managed to overcome our jet lag.

long haul flight airplane window how to avoid jet lag

So I’m here to share with you on some tips on how you can avoid jet lag on long haul flights.

First of all, let’s define what is jet lag?

Jet lag is typically experienced when the normal sleeping pattern and body clock are disturbed or disrupted after a long haul flight.

The body will cope with the stress and exhaustion after a few days once the body adopted the new time zone.

Based on personal experience, jet lag is worse when you are travelling from west to east.

What are the jet lag symptoms?

Jet lag symptoms can vary from person to person. Some of the common symptoms of jet lag are:

  • Struggle to sleep at night time.
  • Extreme tiredness and exhaustion
  • Difficulty to stay awake on daytime.
  • Irritability due to stress and tiredness.
  • Poor concentration

Some people are asking on how to cure jet lag, but unfortunately, there are no known treatments that can cure it.

Some health advisors will recommend melatonin for jet lag, however, melatonin is considered as supplements that can possibly aid you to go to sleep.

It is not really considered as a treatment for jet lag.

Don’t fret! Jet lag can be prevented if you follow these suggestions:

Get plenty of rest and sleep

Getting ample amount of rest and sleep before you travel will help your body to recharge. This will also help your body to cope with the upcoming body clock changes.

Plenty of planning and being ahead in the travel preparation can save you from stress and will make your travel less stressful.

Adjust your sleeping patterns

Adjusting your sleeping patterns can help tremendously on avoiding jet lag.  Your body will get used to the time zone you are heading to.

So make sure make some changes to the sleeping habit before you fly.  Setting an alarm will be helpful to guide you to snooze and adjust accordingly.

Keep hydrated

Drinking plenty of fluids during your flight can aid to avoid jet lag and extreme tiredness that comes with it.

Try to avoid caffeinated drinks and alcohol as they can cause dehydration.

If possible, bring a hydration powder (with electrolytes) with you so you can mix it with your still or flavoured water.  Smart water and hydration powder/tablets are now widely available in the airport.

Bring an eye mask and earplugs

Using an eye mask and earplugs when travelling is a big help to help your body shut down and recharge.

These useful travel accessories can save you all the hassle and cancel the noise and light pollution that can disrupt your beauty sleep.

Get out and about

Staying active when you reach your destination during day time, can help you adjust your body clock as quickly as possible.

Walking, running or any exercise will definitely help you to have more energy to cope with jet lag.

The natural light will aid your body to cope and wake up according to your new time zone.

Don’t let jet lag ruin your trip.

Make sure to follow these suggestions to help you avoid jet lag and enjoy your new destinations in no time and less hassle.

Have you also experienced jet lag? 
Give us some more tips on how did you overcome the jet lag.