15 World Travel Adapter Guide: Which do I need to use for my trip?

There are so many travel adapters out there – how will you know which one to bring? In this age of high-tech gadgets and portable devices, knowing the right travel adapter to get is truly essential.

When I travel overseas, one thing that I always check is which type of adapter I will be needing in that country. The last thing I want is to be stressed out by not being able to use my devices. I have written this world travel adapter guide so that you’ll know which one you need for your every trip.

To begin with, what is a travel adapter anyway? Are they safe to use? I will discuss the answers to these questions and more, so be sure to read on.

What is a travel adapter?

A travel adapter is used so your device can be plugged into a type of outlet that may be different from your home country’s outlet. Keep in mind that a travel adapter does not convert electricity. It only allows your device to fit into a different socket. 

World Travel Adapter Guide
World Travel Adapter Guide

There are 15 types of flags all around the world. I will dig further into that later, but in knowing so you should have an understanding by now that a travel adapter is part of the essential travel packing list for you. In fact, you must not travel without it!

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What is a universal travel adapter?

If you are travelling to multiple locations, it is quite a hassle to bring a single travel adapter specific to a country, and then another one for your next destination.

A single travel adapter is an attachment specific to one type of plug. A set of single travel adapters is favoured by many because it is generally safer to use and more reliable, too. However, the idea of bringing at least five single adapters with you is just too much to handle for some.

This is where a universal travel adapter comes in handy. A good brand of travel adapter will have a coverage of at least 150 countries.

Most designs have toggles that let you switch from the US to European or British plugs, for example. These three mentioned are the most common international plugs, so a decent universal travel adapter will have these covered.

The popular universal travel adapters now have additional USB-A and C ports, too. Others even support fast charging.

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Is it an adapter or adaptor charger?

Before we even get into details, let us answer this valid question: Is it an adapter or an adaptor? The easy answer is this: the words adapter and adaptor are interchangeable!

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary:

Adapter,” or less commonly “adaptor,” is (1) a device for connecting two parts (as of different diameters) of an apparatus; and (2) an attachment for adapting apparatus for uses not originally intended.

The word adapter is used more than the word adaptor. It is still correct, though, to use the word adaptor.

What is the difference between a travel adapter and a travel converter?

A travel adapter allows your device to be plugged into different types of sockets. A travel converter, on the other hand, changes the voltage of an outlet so that it matches your device’s.

Check out our table below and ask yourself: Do I need a converter or just an adapter? It will show on the last column if the voltage in that country is the same as your device’s voltage.

I myself am on the hunt for a good travel adapter and travel converter combo.

Are Universal Travel Adapters safe?

Yes, universal travel adapters are safe to use. A word of warning, though: do not settle for cheap ones. Invest in universal travel adapters that have good reviews online.

What are the different types of travel adapters?

There are 15 different types of travel adapters. I have made a visual guide of each type for you:

World Travel Adapters and Plugs
World Travel Adapters and Plugs

Before my flight, I make sure to check what type of adapter I should bring to the country I am headed to. Here is a useful world adapter travel guide per country, including the voltage used there:

AfghanistanC, F220V50 Hz
AlbaniaC, F230V50 Hz
AlgeriaC, F230V50 Hz
American SamoaA, B, F, I120V60 Hz
AndorraC, F230V50 Hz
Anguilla A110V60 Hz
AngolaC220V50 Hz
Antigua & BarbudaA, B230V60 Hz
ArubaA, B, F127V60 Hz
ArgentinaC, I220V50 Hz
ArmeniaC, F230V50 Hz
AustraliaI230V50 Hz
AustriaC, F230V50 Hz
AzerbaijanC, F220V50 Hz
BahamasA, B120V60 Hz
BahrainG230V50 Hz
BangladeshA, C, D, G, K220V50 Hz
BarbadosA, B115V50 Hz
BelarusC, F220V50 Hz
BelgiumC, E230V50 Hz
BelizeA, B, G110V, 220V60 Hz
BeninC, E220V50 Hz
BermudaA, B120V60 Hz
BhutanC, D, F, G, M230V50 Hz
BoliviaA, C115V, 230V50 Hz
Bosnia and HerzegovinaC, F230V50 Hz
BotswanaD, G, M230V50 Hz
BrazilC, N127V, 220V60 Hz
British Virgin IslandA, B110V60 Hz
BruneiG240V50 Hz
BulgariaC, F230V50 Hz
Burkina FasoC, E220V50 Hz
BurundiC, E220V50 Hz
CambodiaA, C, G230V50 Hz
CameroonC, E220V50 Hz
CanadaA, B120V60 Hz
Cape VerdeC, F230V50 Hz
Cayman IslandsA, B120V60 Hz
The Central African RepublicC, E220V50 Hz
ChadC, D, E, F220V50 Hz
ChileC, L220V50 Hz
ChinaA, C, I220V50 Hz
ColombiaA, B110V60 Hz
ComorosC, E220V50 Hz
CongoC, E230V50 Hz
Cook IslandsI240V50 Hz
Costa RicaA, B120V60 Hz
Côte d’IvoireC, E220V50 Hz
CroatiaC, F230V50 Hz
CubaA, B, C, L110V, 220V60 Hz
CyprusG230V50 Hz
Czech RepublicC, E230V50 Hz
Democratic Republic of the CongoC, D, E220V50 Hz
DenmarkC, E, F, K230V50 Hz
DjiboutiC, E220V50 Hz
DominicaD, G230V50 Hz
Dominican RepublicA, B120V60 Hz
EcuadorA, B120V60 Hz
EgyptC, F220V50 Hz
El SalvadorA, B120V60 Hz
Equatorial GuineaC, E220V50 Hz
EritreaC, L230V50 Hz
EstoniaC, F230V50 Hz
EswatiniM230V50 Hz
EthiopiaC, F220V50 Hz
Falkland IslandsG240V50 Hz
Faroe IslandsC, E, F, K230V50 Hz
FijiI240V50 Hz
FinlandC, F230V50 Hz
FranceC, E230V50 Hz
French GuianaC, D, E220V50 Hz
GabonC220V50 Hz
GambiaG230V50 Hz
GeorgiaC, F220V50 Hz
GermanyC, F230V50 Hz
GhanaD, G230V50 Hz
GibraltarC, G240V50 Hz
GreeceC, F230V50 Hz
GreenlandC, E, F, K230V50 Hz
GrenadaG230V50 Hz
Guam A, B110V60 Hz
GuatemalaA, B120V60 Hz
GuineaC, F, K220V50 Hz
Guinea-BissauC220V50 Hz
GuyanaA, B, D, G120V, 240V60 Hz
HaitiA, B110V60 Hz
HondurasA, B120V60 Hz
Hong KongD, G220V50 Hz
HungaryC, F230V50 Hz
IcelandC, F230V50 Hz
IndiaC, D, M230V50 Hz
IndonesiaC, F230V50 Hz
IranC, F230V50 Hz
IraqC, D, G230V50 Hz
IrelandG230V50 Hz
Isle of ManC, G240V50 Hz
IsraelC, H230V50 Hz
ItalyC, F, L230V50 Hz
JamaicaA, B110V50 Hz
JapanA, B100V50 Hz
JordanC, D, F, G, J230V50 Hz
KazakhstanC, F220V50 Hz
KenyaG240V50 Hz
KiribatiI240V50 Hz
KuwaitG240V50 Hz
KyrgystanC, F220V50 Hz
LaosA, B, C, E, F230V50 Hz
LatviaC, F230V50 Hz
LebanonA, B, C, D, G230V50 Hz
LesothoM220V50 Hz
LiberiaA, B, C, E, F120V, 220V50Hz, 60Hz
LibyaC, L230V50 Hz
LiechtensteinC, J230V50 Hz
LithuaniaC, F230V50 Hz
LuxembourgC, F230V50 Hz
MacauD, F, G, M220V50 Hz
MacedoniaC, F230V50 Hz
MadagascarC, E220V50 Hz
MalawiG230V50 Hz
MalaysiaA, C, G, M240V50 Hz
MaldivesC, D, G, J, K, L230V50 Hz
MaliC, E220V50 Hz
MaltaG230V50 Hz
Marshall IslandsA, B120V60 Hz
MartiniqueC, D, E220V50 Hz
MauritaniaC220V50 Hz
MauritiusC, G230V50 Hz
MexicoA, B127V60 Hz
MicronesiaA, B120V60 Hz
MoldovaC, F230V50 Hz
MonacoC, D, E, F230V50 Hz
MongoliaC, E230V50 Hz
MontenegroC, F230V50 Hz
MontserratA, B120V60 Hz
MoroccoC, E220V50 Hz
MozambiqueC, F, M220V50 Hz
MyanmarA, C, D, G, I230V50 Hz
NamibiaD, M220V50 Hz
NauruI240V50 Hz
NepalC, D, M230V50 Hz
NetherlandsC, F230V50 Hz
Netherlands AntillesA, B, C, F127V, 220V50 Hz
New CaledoniaC, F220V50 Hz
New ZealandI230V50 Hz
NicaraguaA120V60 Hz
NigerC, D, E, F220V50 Hz
NigeriaD, G230V50 Hz
North KoreaA, C, F110V, 220V50 Hz, 60 Hz
NorwayC, F230V50 Hz
OmanG240V50 Hz
PakistanC, D, G, M230V50 Hz
PalauA, B120V60 Hz
PalestineC, H230V50 Hz
PanamaA, B120V60 Hz
Papua New GuineaI240V50 Hz
ParaguayC220V50 Hz
PeruA, C220V60 Hz
PhilippinesA, B, C220V60 Hz
PolandC, E230V50 Hz
PortugalC, F230V50 Hz
Puerto RicoA, B120V60 Hz
QatarG240V50 Hz
ReunionE220V50 Hz
RomaniaC, F230V50 Hz
RussiaC, F220V50 Hz
RwandaC, J230V50 Hz
Saint Kitts and NevisD, G230V60 Hz
Saint LuciaG230V50 Hz
SamoaI230V50 Hz
San MarinoC, F, L230V50 Hz
Sao Tome and PrincipeC, F230V50 Hz
Saudi ArabiaG230V60 Hz
SenegalC, D, E, K230V50 Hz
SerbiaC, F230V50 Hz
SeychellesG240V50 Hz
Sierra LeoneD, G230V50 Hz
SingaporeG230V50 Hz
SlovakiaC, E230V50 Hz
SloveniaC, F230V50 Hz
Solomon IslandsG, I230V50 Hz
SomaliaC220V50 Hz
South AfricaC, D, M, N230V50 Hz
South KoreaC, F220V60 Hz
South SudanC, D230V50 Hz
SpainC, F230V50 Hz
Sri LankaD, G, M230V50 Hz
St. Vincent and the GrenadinesA, B, G110V, 230V50 Hz
SudanC, D230V50 Hz
SurinameA, B, C, F127V, 230V60 Hz
SwazilandM230V50 Hz
SwedenC, F230V50 Hz
SwitzerlandC, J230V50 Hz
SyriaC, E, L220V50 Hz
TajikistanC, F220V50 Hz
TaiwanA, B110V60 Hz
TanzaniaD, G230V50 Hz
ThailandA, B, C, O230V50 Hz
Timor LesteC, E, F, I220V50 Hz
TogoC220V50 Hz
TongaI240V50 Hz
Trinidad & TobagoA, B115V60 Hz
TunisiaC, E230V50 Hz
TurkeyC, F230V50 Hz
TurkmenistanB, C, F220V50 Hz
Turks and CaicosA, B115V60 Hz
TuvaluI230V50 Hz
UgandaG240V50 Hz
UkraineC, F230V50 Hz
United Arab EmiratesG, M230V50 Hz
United KingdomG230V50 Hz
United States of AmericaA, B120V60 Hz
US Virgin IslandA, B110V60 Hz
British Virgin IslandA, B110V60 Hz
UruguayC, F, L220V50 Hz
UzbekistanC, F, I220V50 Hz
VanuatuC, G, I230V50 Hz
VenezuelaA, B120V60 Hz
VietnamA, B, C, D220V50 Hz
YemenA, D, G, M230V50 Hz
ZambiaC, D, G230V50 Hz
ZimbabweD, G240V50 Hz
Quick Guide to World Travel Adapters and Plugs

I hope that this article helped you on checking and plan which travel adapter for your next trip.

World Travel Adapter Guide Which do I need to use for my trip?
World Travel Adapter Guide: Which do I need to use for my trip?


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