Having a dilemma what to pack for a cruise? Do you have an endless list of things to bring on a cruise?

Cruise packing list can seem very daunting, as you never know where to start and what to bring. Knowing the necessary items to bring on a cruise to make your trip more enjoyable, convenient and organised. 

Packing for your first cruise can be stressful because of the mixed emotions of excitement and not knowing what you might need during the cruise.

There are a few must have things to pack for your cruise as suggested by fellow cruise experts. These trinkets of gadgets and travel organisers can make your life on board more organised and have more time exploring new destinations, onboard facilities and entertainment.

Keep reading to find out some of our handy essential cruise items that you will need on board. 

Cruise Packing List

1. Wardrobe organisers

H & L Russel 6 Pocket Sweater Organiser, Navy Blue, Pack of 2
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As it says in the tin, wardrobe organisers typically hang from inside your closet.

Just to create a little more organisations and space for your little trinkets and undergarments.

Some cruise ships don’t have a big wardrobe, and if you are cruising for 2 weeks or more organising your clothes can be a task itself so taking one of these can create a little more space for you.

2. Door Shoe organisers

24 Pockets Over the Door Shoe Storage, MaidMAX Hanging Organiser Shoe Racks Foldable Wardrobes Storage Bag with Hooks
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These fantastic shoe organisers are not only made for shoes.

You can also have this as your organisers for your other loose trinkets, jewellery and other toiletries or cosmetics.

The brilliant thing about this is you can hang it pretty much everywhere and it doesn’t take much room either in your suitcase.

3. Magnetic clips

OXO Good Grips Magnetic Mini Clips – Assorted Colours, Pack of 8
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Handy little magnetic clips to help you to organise all the important paper, tickets and itineraries that you might need for the day or the duration of your cruise.

The cabin walls are typically made of metal so you can easily stick them on any wall.

4. Extension cables with a power surge protection

Extension lead with USB, Mscien 3 Way Individually Switched Socket 4 USB Ports Surge Protection Power Strip – 1.8 Metre Extension Cord
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With all the gadgets that we have nowadays to capture amazing moments during our cruise.

It is important that we have enough power sockets to charge our gadgets.

Most of the time cabins only have 1 or 2 available sockets, hence bringing an extension cable with power surge protection is a must!

Some cruise ship will only allow extension cables with power surge protection, safety first!

As a photographer and blogger, I always bring a small portable wall extension cables with a power surge protection.

5. Battery operated wall lights

Mr. Beams MB723 Wireless Battery-Powered Motion-Sensing LED Stick-Anywhere Nightlight, 3-Pack
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These little battey operated wall lights will help you to light your way in case you need to go to the loo in the middle of the night.

Saving you turning on the light that can potentially disturb your other roommates.


6. Travel clock

Casio #TQ140-1BDF Travel Alarm Clock
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Always be on time!  This travel alarm clock will help you to be punctual onboard. Most especially if you are crossing various time zones during your cruise.

7. Binoculars

Bfull mini Binoculars compact Folding waterproof Binoculars 10x25 Telescope for Travel(Black )
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For the nature lovers, this is a must if you want to do any dolphin or whale spotting during your cruise.

This is not for invading other people’s privacy during your cruise. Use responsibly!

8. Power adaptors

ZOZO™Universal 12W 3V 4.5V 5V 6V 7.5V 9V 12V 1A 1000mA Regulated Multi Voltage Switching Replacement Power Supply Adaptor
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Most of the cruise ships have American power sockets, hence for the Europeans and British cruisers or vice versa, it is important to pack some power adapters during your cruise.

I normally bring around 2 power adapters one is for my wall power extensions and the other one is for my other gadgets that might need charging or a spare one!

9. First Aid Kit

Mini First Aid Kit,92 Pieces Small First Aid Kit – Includes Emergency Foil Blanket,CPR Face Mask,Scissors
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This is one of the necessary things to pack on a cruise that you wish you will never use.

However, in case you do, this will come in handy saving you a few hundreds of dollars instead of going to the cruise ship infirmary.

10. Travel clothes washing line

Solotrekk Deluxe Travel Clothes Washing Line 3m
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Use this in case you need to have more space to dry your laundry.

Typically there is a clothes washing line inside the toilet, but if in case that is not enough, due to the duration of your cruise, a couple with loads of clothes, or you are a travelling family of four, this cloth line will help you to dry those clothes out.

11. Bottle protector

Wine Bottle Holder Travel Bag – 4 Pack Best for Air Travel – Reusable, Leak-Proof Carrier Tote – Soft Liquor Protector Sleeve Set – Portable Airline Drink Cover Case -Triple Air-Tight Seal Protection.
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Typically cruise ships will let you bring a bottle of alcohol onboard.

The bottle protector can protect your precious bottle from breakage. Alternatively, this is also handy if you want to take a bottle of alcohol home.

12. Poo pouri (toilet freshener)

Poo Pourri Original Toilet Spray 59 ml
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Nobody wants a stinky cabin after you had your number 2.  Save yourself and your roommate/partner from suffocation from your dirty business.

13. Travel towels

MountFlow Microfibre Towel – Quick Dry Micro Travel Towels
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Read this buying guide on selecting the best travel towels.

Towels are typically provided and readily available in any swimming area or inside your cabin.

However, it is still handy to bring a travel towel on your cruise in case you need it during a shore excursion or just to hang out on the beach.

14. Dry Bags

Premium Waterproof Bag, Sack with phone dry bag and long adjustable Shoulder Strap Included
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If you are planning to venture on any itinerary that will typically involve tropical beach or excursions on water, Dry bags will come in handy to protect your personal belongings from getting wet.

15. Aloe Gels and Sunblock

Aloe Vera Sun Lotion Spf 25 – 200ml
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Want to have fun under the sun, you need to protect your skin. Bringing a sunblock with good SPF and an Aloe Vera gels will surely help you to take care of your skin to prevent any sun burn and to cool it down after a hectic day of fun at the beach.


16. Motion sickness tablets or wrist bands

151 Products 1 X Anti Nausea Morning Sickness Motion Travel Sick Wrist Bands
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You’ll never know when the seas will get rough.

It is always handy to bring a motion sickness tablets during your cruise. It will save you a tonne of hassle and a trip to the infirmary.


17. Towel Clips

Towel Pegs 8 pcs. Durable Beach Towel Clips
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Your sun lounger’s best pal!  We all wanted to chill out on the top deck sunbathing whilst reading our book or just sipping a glass of your favourite cocktail. Bringing handy towel clips will help you to get comfortable much easier on your sun lounger to avoid any slipping towels or covers.

18. Refillable water bottle

720°DGREE uberBottle | Leakproof Water Bottle 1,5litre, 1500ml | Sports Bottles – BPA Free – Tritan Plastic | Fruit Infuser Sieve With Simple One-Click Opening & Strap
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Help us on saving the seas!  Using a refillable water bottle will help reduce waste tremendously while travelling.  This will also save you a fortune instead of buying bottled water every single time!

19. Corkscrew

H&S Wine Bottle Opener Waiters Corkscrew Professional Stainless Steel with Wood Handle Foil Cutter
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A corkscrew will surely come in handy for your precious bottle of wine (in case you brought one with you onboard), in case you want to drink it in your cabin.

20. Small portable fan

Mini Fan USB,Etmury USB Rechargeable Desk Fan,Battery Powered Portable Fan with LED Light 3 Speeds Small Quiet Travel Fan
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Travelling in a tropical climate can sometimes be overwhelmingly hot.

Typically your cabin will have an air conditioning system, but in case this will fail it’s great to have one handy!

These are our recommendations on what to pack for a cruise holiday! I hope you will find it useful.

Let us know in the comment below what are the other things to bring on a cruise that is not listed here!
We love to know about them!