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The UK is known for some of the beautiful castles and palaces in the world. 

I think every little girl’s dream is to become a princess. Yes, I’m one of them.

I’m fascinated to learn about and visit the famous castles and palaces in the UK.

Since I moved to the UK back in 2009, castles and palaces are always on my list every time my husband and I go travelling around the country for a short break. Here is a sample UK Itinerary for 2 weeks that you can use when you wish to visit Britain.

Best Castles and Palaces to Visit in the United Kingdom

We both like to learn about the history of the place we’re visiting. So, castles and palaces are one of the best places to start to discover the history of the area.  Besides, it is imperative to know the history so you can appreciate the present.

Best Castles and Palaces to Visit in the United Kingdom

The difference between Palace and Castle

Castles and palaces are meant for royalties, but they were built with a different purpose.

Castles were mainly built to show power, supremacy and designed for protection. The massive thick walls of the castle can protect the people of importance in times of siege.

While on the other hand,  Palaces were built specifically as royal residences. The lavish and glamorous designs of the palaces were made to impress and entertain royal guests.

Here are the list of famous castles and palaces in the UK that you shouldn’t miss.

  1. Blenheim Palace

Best Castles and Palaces to Visit in the United Kingdom

The Blenheim Palace is the royal residence of the Duke of Marlborough located in the beautiful countryside of Oxfordshire.

This is the birthplace of the respected Sir Winston Churchill, the late Duke of Marlborough and Prime Minister of the UK during WWII. The palace was a gift from Queen Anne to John Churchill (1st Duke of Marlborough) back in the 18th century.

Location: Blenheim Palace, Woodstock, Oxfordshire OX20 1PP
Ticket Prices:
Concessions, child & family tickets are also available.
For Palace, Park and Gardens — £24.00/adult
For access to garden and park — £15.30 / adult

An annual pass will be given to you once you purchased the Palace, Park and Gardens pass. There are available scheduled group tours available in the lobby of the Palace.

At the nearby church (St. Martin’s Church, Bladon), you can find the burial ground of Sir Winston Churchill. The little small town church is worth visiting too.

Here are the tours worth joining if you want to see the beauty and grandeur of Blenheim Palace:

Blenheim Palace Admission Ticket | Blenheim Palace & the Cotswolds with Lunch from London | Downton Abbey Film Locations & Blenheim Palace Day Tour | Blenheim Palace, Downton Abbey Village & the Cotswolds

  1. Windsor Castle

Best Castles and Palaces to Visit in the United Kingdom

Photo Credit: Jean-Marc Astesana | CC BY-SA 2.0

A visit to the UK won’t be complete without paying a visit to this iconic castle. The castle is the royal residence of Queen Elizabeth II.

Located in the beautiful countryside of Berkshire and an hour away from London. It is one of the best castles to visit in England. Windsor Castle is such an iconic landmark for the British monarchy and the rest of the UK, hence it is also one of the most visited places in England.

Location: Windsor Castle, Windsor, Berkshire SL4 1NJ
Ticket Prices: Concessions and senior tickets are available.
Adult Ticket = £ 20.50 | Child Ticket (under 17) =£ 12.00

The ticket includes a visit to the royal apartments and other parts of the castle, the amazing doll collection, St. George chapel (where you can see the burial place of Prince Albert).

The change of the royal guard is one of the highlights when you visit this castle. The Change of Guard starts at 11 am. So make sure to look out for a perfect spot to see this parade.

The Windsor Castle is the oldest and biggest occupied castle in the world where the British monarchs live for more than a thousand years.

Here are the suggested tours that are worth joining to enjoy the beauty of Windsor Castle:

Windsor Castle Admission TicketFrom London: Full-Day Windsor, Stonehenge & Oxford Tour | Windsor Castle, Stonehenge, and Bath Day Trip | Windsor Castle Afternoon Sightseeing Tour from London |  From London: Windsor Half-Day Tour

  1. Bodiam Castle

Best Castles and Palaces to Visit in the United Kingdom

Photo Credit: Nick Rowland | CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

The Bodiam Castle is an excellent portrayal of authority.

This 14th-century medieval castle is picture perfect from every angle. The castle ground is massive and a great place for a picnic.

The castle was built by a knight named Sir Edward Dalyngrigge.  The primary purpose of this castle was to defend the area from the French during the medieval war. Bodiam castle is one of the best castles in England.

Location:  Bodiam Castle, Bodiam, Robertsbridge TN32 5UA
Ticket Prices: Concessions and senior tickets are available. Adult = £ 9.30 Child  = £ 4.65

  1. Tintagel Castle