The Best Day Trips from Birmingham (UK)

Looking for the best day trip from Birmingham? Birmingham is one of the most vibrant places in the United Kingdom and the second largest city next to London. 

When thinking of having a pause in the city sights, go for a little ride and see what central England can offer. You can travel around the region by car or train and the tourist spots are just less than 2-hour journey (be sure your car is insured, for safety purposes as well). 

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Since I live around 10 minutes away from Birmingham, I have written a blog post about the Points of Interest: Places to Visit and Things to Do in Birmingham. I highlighted here all the attractions you can possibly visit in the city. Once you finished roaming around Birmingham, here are some of my suggestions of various day trips you can do not far from Birmingham.

Birmingham Town Hall

There are lots of places to go outside of Birmingham, from a vast land of national parks, medieval structures, spas, shopping centres, down to the iconic venues. A detour from Birmingham is surely one of the best getaways to do in the United Kingdom.

For the admirers of medieval structures, Warwick Castle, Nottingham’s old market structure and the gothic style architectures that lay down are surely for you. The outdoorsy will definitely enjoy the view of Malvern Hills or Sherwood Forest, these spots have seemingly never-ending options to hike.

Day trips from Birmingham with kids or kids at heart can be more fun when you visit or spend a day at the very heart of Warwickshire- Royal Leamington Spa, this regal town is popular for its spas and shopping street.

Walk around in this area and you will come across with the British Motor Museum wherein the Brits celebrates the history of British cars. There are multiple ranges of cities and towns to choose from and fully enjoy the central region of England.

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Whether you are a solo traveller, a newly married couple, a tourist seeking for new experiences or just a simple weekender, day trips from Birmingham will perfectly fill up your vacant calendars and will leave you in awe.

Here are some perfect best day Trips from Birmingham that you can fully enjoy

1. Warwick (Warwick Castle)

Warwick Castle is located at Warwickshire, England, a less than an hour journey from Birmingham. Arguably known as the best and biggest castle in Britain. Warwick Castle is a medieval design structure that was built for William the Conqueror back in 1068.

In the castle’s surrounding, you can see the River Avon which is one of the main industrial rivers in England, and The Mill Garden’s well-kept landscape. It houses labyrinth passages, a conservatory and home of the world’s largest working siege engines.

Warwick Castle
Photo Credit: Nathan Reading | CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

The Warwick castle was also made famous thru its connection to King Henry VIII. You can see various historical artefacts and trinkets of the king during his stay in the castle. Plus, a few additional stories about his wives.

On its courtyard, there are various plays that will entertain the kids. A fantastic way to learn the history of Britain during Tudor times.

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2. Stratford-upon-Avon 

Are you a fan of the world’s greatest playwright William Shakespeare?

Then visit Stratford-upon-Avon to see, walk in this medieval town where the literature maestro himself was born. You will also see some of the notable sites like the Holy Trinity Church where he is buried and the Royal Shakespeare Theatre where his works are frequently played.

Stratford upon Avon

Not far from the town centre is the Anne Hathaway cottage, the house of the playwrights’ wife that is now turned into a museum. Do not miss to go for a boat rip along River Avon and see more the lovely quaint town. And end your Stratford-upon-Avon tour by gazing in UK’s largest tropical butterfly farm.

Consider this as one of the best day trips from Birmingham (especially the bookworms!)

3. Iron Bridge in Telford

If you are looking for some Birmingham day trips out of its bustling city, I highly suggest you see The Iron Bridge.

Ironbridge Unesco Heritage Site

It is the first major bridge in the world that is made of cast iron. This structure marked a turning point in the English engineering, as the bridge reached its final touches, cast iron became in massive usage in buildings and other construction projects. 

Paying a visit in this free tourist attraction is not just all about the industrial revolution of the English nation but it is also one of the best weekend trips from Birmingham UK.

4. Cheddar Gorge

Explore and be astonished by one of the most breathtaking natural sights in the United Kingdom- Cheddar Gorge. The must-visit-caves and other attractions of Cheddar Gorge have become a tourist destination after a popular television show features the magnificent appearance of it. I recently went to visit and wrote a blog post about our Perfect Day Trip Visiting Cheddar Gorge in Cheddar, Somerset

Cave Mature Cheddar Cheese in Cheddar Gorge

Several activities can be done this site, like visiting the Cheddar Man Museum of Prehistory (where flint tools and human remains are discovered), cliff sports (the outdoorsy will fully enjoy this) and wildlife spotting.

The Cheddar Gorge is also the home of the famous cave matured cheddar cheese. The caves provide the perfect conditions to age the cheese. Take some home or try it from the cheese shops outside the Cheddar caves.

Spearhead to Cheddar Gorge, with your trainers, backpack, camera and ticket as it is regarded as one of the fun day trips from Birmingham.

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5. Severn Valley Railway

Around 40 minutes away from Birmingham Moor Street, Kidderminster is the home of the famous Victorian Steam rail – The Severn Valley Railway.

The Severn Valley Railway operates for more than 200 days a year and passes through 8 stations. With a less than 23 GBP (almost 30 USD as of 2019), you can witness the lovely countryside (don’t forget a selfie!) and enjoy some chilled bubbly champagne. The train services are hauled mainly by steam locomotives and one diesel hauled train which makes a two round trip. Some tour packages include a drive and fire (with supervision) participation, wherein you get to operate a steam train engine (a chance not to be missed).

This delightful ride is perhaps the most fantastic day out from Birmingham by train.

6. The Black Country

Located at the heart of the Dudley, West Midlands is the Black Country Living Museum.

Dudley Castle

The Black Country’s name is derived from its pollution-coated industrial venue, coal mines and iron ore resources during the 18th century. The industrial past has left a massive imprint on the landscape which makes the town fanciful.

Visiting the Black Country Living Museum will let you feel nostalgic and dazed on how the locals live during Victorian times.

Even the food served in the museum is fish and chips and other classic pub drinks that typically served in the pubs during the Victorian times. The enactors are full of interesting facts (keep your ear open as well). Black Country Living Museum is truly a blast from the past kind of tourist spot.

The Black Country Living Museum is also one of the filming locations of the popular TV series about the Birmingham mob, Peaky Blinders.

Have a one day trip from Birmingham metropolitan crowd by taking a piece of history regarding the industrial revolution in the historical site of Black Country.

7. Worcester

If you are taking a scenic route from Birmingham and heading to the Faithful city of Worcester. Check out the iconic structures, hilly walks and Royal Worcester china, relics of a bygone age.

Worcester Cathedral in Worcestershire

Worcester is the birthplace of the famous composer Sir Edward Elgar, and when you visit the museum named after him, you will be fascinated into his life, family, music and inspirations. A visit to the Worcester Cathedral is also a must. You can find here the Royal burial place of King John of England, who succeeded after King Richard I – The Lion Heart.

Walking in the “Great Malvern” or Malvern hills will keep your breath away due to its stunning panoramic view. It is known that the spring of Malvern is where the Queen gets her water from!

Royal Worcester, the oldest remaining English porcelain brand that up to this very date still produces luxury tableware. Take a glance in the ceramic museum that houses the world’s largest collection of Worcester porcelain and finest china wares. Head up to the Broadway Tower to have an unrivalled view of England.  

And of course, Worcester is the home of the famous and loved Worcestershire Sauce.  You can still find the factory in town not far from Worcester Shrub Hill train station.

Roaming around Worcester is one of the best day tours from Birmingham UK (a little detour is not harmful at all!)

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8. Nottingham

Nottingham is known as the home of the legendary Robin Hood and the Sherwood forest. This is also the home of the famous Major Oak (800-1000 years old, since the Victorian era), that according to the local folklore, this was Robin Hood’s major hideout.

There are cafes, restaurants and picnic sites for your convenience. The activities in Sherwood Forest are countless, there would be loads of walk, history camps, trail cycling/running sessions or just a simple walk-the-dog-day. The forest is freely accessible all throughout the year (except Christmas Day).

This nature trip destination from Birmingham is worth a visit.

9. The Cotswold

Thinking of quintessential English houses in narrow streets, cosy pubs and warm tearooms?- Cotswold villages have it all. The beautiful English village vibe will take you back in time.

Arlington Row in the Cotswold

Set foot in the Arlington Row and be stunned with its limestone structures, this monastic wool store is the most photographed location in Cotswold. Cap your Cotswold tour by wandering in Bourton-on-the-Water, enjoy the shopping centre in an old-fashioned style, have mouth-watering lunches or simply have some serene time in the River Windrush.

Seeing the picturesque of the villages is one of the best day trips from Birmingham UK.

10. Royal Leamington Spa

Royal Leamington Spa is popular for its healing water of spas and high street shopping chain.

The well-manicured landscape of Jephson Gardens and Victoria Park are so glamorous that is not to be missed. Learn more about the well-off story of the town in The Royal Leamington Spa Art Gallery and Museum. Explore the town more by visiting the British Motor Museum and be mesmerised in the grand, square, white townhouses.

With a 40-minute journey from Birmingham by train, you can fully enjoy the beautiful parks and Garden of Royal Leamington Spa.

11. Coventry

Coventry is in the top 10 largest cities in England. Surprisingly, this city is the new capital of culture in the UK.

A detour from Birmingham is worth the travel (less than 20 minutes from Birmingham Airport), you will see some of the world’s famous site- the Coventry Cathedral where its ruins from WWII is well preserved, award-winning galleries, outstanding museums, gorgeous gardens, an adrenaline seeking sports event and an enjoyable night out with friends.

A day in Coventry can suit whatever your preference is, there are so much to do and see. So what are you waiting for? Let us immerse ourselves in the beauty of Coventry!

I hope these suggested places to visit near Birmingham for a day trip will be suitable for you and your family.
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Have you been to any of these places? Let me know in the comment box below.

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