Hostel Review of Hostel Sol in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik, Croatia is one of the best destinations along the Dalmatian coast.

The Old Town is the main attraction in Dubrovnik.

Hostel Sol Dubrovnik Facade

It has been one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites since the 70’s.

Dubrovnik has been made popular recently due to it being one of the Game of Thrones shooting locations.

Visiting Dubrovnik would require you to get a Croatian visa, however, they also accept Schengen visa if you are coming from a Schengen country on your arrival to Croatia.

I recently published a travel itinerary to Dubrovnik to help you enjoy your visit.

During Our Stay

It was peak season during our visit to Dubrovnik.

All majority of Dubrovnik accommodation were either full or have an expensive per night rates.

So I decided to look for alternative Croatia accommodation that would be convenient for me and husband during our stay in Dubrovnik.

I’ve decided to check various Dubrovnik hostels near the Old town.

I found the Hostel Sol in Dubrovnik fitted our needs.

During our stay in Hostel Sol, I was impressed with their modern style common area and rooms.

The staff are helpful and welcoming. They also offer breakfast to their guest with plenty of continental options.

Amenities & Facilities

Hostel Sol has the same facilities that you would expect in a hotel, almost. The hostel has 3 types of room: Standard, family and triple room.

Each room has a safety deposit box, wardrobe, television and private toilet (with shower area, towels & toiletries).

So you pretty much have the facilities and limited amenities that you would expect from a hotel room.

Hostel Sol also offers free parking and Wi-Fi for their guests.

The hostel offers complimentary continental breakfast.

The common area of the hostel is also very cosy and has a friendly vibe.

Our Seaview bedroom Hostel Sol
Our hostel room in Dubrovnik
Dubrovnik Hostel Lounge and Breakfast Room

What's Around The Area

Hostel Sol

Hostel Sol is conveniently located close to the highlights of Dubrovnik — The Old Town.

It’s just a stone’s throw away from the Bus station where you can catch your ride to the airport or other parts of Croatia, Bosnia and Montenegro.

It is also close to the port, where you can hop on a ferry going to Bari, Italy or go on-board to take your next cruise around the Mediterranean.

Around the local area, there are supermarkets and affordable restaurants, bakeries and bars which I found cheaper than in Old Town or outside of Pile Gate.

There is a close by Tourism office near the port, where you can get your Dubrovnik Tourism Board, which I highly recommended because it’s very budget friendly and convenient.


 Our Dubrovnik hostel experience in Hostel Sol was outstanding and surpassed our expectations.

We were both really pleased with their facilities and amenities.

The location of the hotel was very convenient and close to the main attractions in Dubrovnik as well as access to the main transportation, restaurants and supermarkets.

We had a Double Room – Seaview, though we had to pay extra for this type of room, it’s worth it for the view of the port, marina and the beautiful hills of Dubrovnik.

The service of the reception/bar staff was great!

They are very accommodating, helpful and knowledgeable about the area.

The housekeeping staff delivered an outstanding service in keeping the room spotlessly clean and tidy.

I would definitely recommend Hostel Sol as one of the best Dubrovnik hostels and probably one of the best Croatia accommodation.

Hostel Address: Obala Ivana Pavla II 13, Dubrovnik, Croatia

* Featured photo credit: | Hostel Sol Dubrovnik

Special Thanks to Dubrovnik Tourism Board for providing the Dubrovnik card during our visit to Dubrovnik

Hostel Sol Review in Dubrovnik