Easy Steps On How To Get A Schengen Visa (In the UK)

Getting a Schengen Visa from the UK is very straightforward.  

I first applied for my Multiple-Entry Schengen Visa when I still held a spouse visa permit and Philippine passport here in the UK.

I will share with you on how I did the whole application process and visa requirements for Schengen visa.

First of all, I also want to share a little background on what is Schengen visa and why do you have to secure one when visiting Europe (Schengen area).




What is Schengen Visa?

By the definition given by the European Commission, the Schengen visa is a short stay visitor visa  (C visa) needed to travel freely within the Schengen area for 90 days in any 180 days period.

What are the Schengen Visa Countries / States?

The Schengen area comprises 26 countries (“Schengen States”)

These are the Schengen countries:
Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.

Schengen States

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Who needs to apply for Schengen Visa?

The passport holders of Schengen State members are not required to apply for a Schengen visa when travelling within the Schengen countries.

List of the countries who need to apply for Schengen visa.

Easy Steps On How To Get A Schengen Visa (In the UK)

As for the Airport transfers visa within the Schengen states, the passport holders of these countries would need to secure a Schengen visa to change planes (connecting flights) within the Schengen countries.

Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Congo (Drc), Eritrea, Ethiopia, Ghana, Iran, Iraq, Nigeria, Pakistan, Somalia and Sri Lanka

There are a few exemptions to the Schengen visa rules, especially if you are transiting the Schengen states.

If you are a spouse of an EEA/EU citizen, you are still required to apply for a Schengen visa.

However, it will be a lot easier.  Just like what I did, when I applied for my multiple entry Schengen visa.

Schengen Visa fees?

The visa fees for the Schengen Short stay visa is €60 (adult) and €35 (child).  As for EEA/EU family, the visa application is free.

Requirements for Schengen Visa (Tourist – C Visa)

  1. Completed Schengen Visa application form. (Download Schengen Application form here)
  2. One recent passport size photos.
  3. Current and valid passport. The passport should have at least 3-month validity before your departure.
  4. Your current UK Visa / Biometric ID. To prove that you have the right to remain in the UK.
  5. A copy of your flight itinerary. Do not book your flight yet, without a visa. You can print the proposed flight itinerary in any flight booking or airline websites. 
    UPDATE: I have received a few updates recently that Embassies currently requires the applicants to have a CONFIRMED flight or transportation booking with clearly specifying your name. Please check the respective embassies for their requirements.
  6. A sample suggested travel itinerary. You don’t have to be very detailed, just state the date of your travel and destination. Include in your itinerary your travel dates! As this will be counted as DAY 1.
  7. Travel insurance is a must whenever you travel. This is one of the important requirements when you apply for Schengen visa. Read the terms of your policy carefully. Make sure that you are covered for any medical and emergency hospitalisation and expatriations back to the UK or your home country. Get your affordable and reliable travel insurance for Schengen visa here.

8. Proof of your accommodation. Hotel reservations for the whole duration of your trip to the Schengen States.

If a friend or relatives invite you, a formal invitation letter together with their supporting documents are needed.


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9. Money, (of, course). You need to prove that you can sustain your travel using your funds.

There are different proof of funding required for your Schengen destination. 6-month bank statements would be ideal to submit as well.

10. Certificate of employment and payslips. If you are self-employed, you have to submit your tax return or proof of income and business registration.

If you are on a UK spouse visa, Permanent Resident (ILR) as a Spouse of a British /EEA/EU citizen and would like to apply under the EEA/EU family member, you ONLY have to submit the following:

  1. A copy of your marriage certificate
  2. A copy of the passport Bio page of your EEA/EU spouse.

UPDATE: I have received a few updates recently that Embassies currently requires the applicants to have a CONFIRMED flight or transportation booking with clearly specifying your name.

Please check the respective embassies for their requirements.

Your spouse should sign the Schengen application to prove that he is acknowledging that you are a family member and the main sponsor of the Schengen visa.

When I submitted my application, I didn’t even include the majority of the requirements mentioned above.

If you are currently holding an EEA/EU Family Residential card, you won’t have to apply for a Schengen visa. You can travel freely within the EU/Schengen States under the free movement policy.

Where to apply for my Schengen visa in the UK?

The majority of the Schengen visa applications are processed by VFS Global.  You have to submit your Schengen Visa application to the Schengen State Embassy of your European destination with the longest duration of your trip or if it’s your only destination. Here is the list of the Schengen States Embassies in London.

Here is the list of the Schengen Countries’ Consulate and Embassies in the UK

Embassy of Austria

Address: 18 Belgrave Mews W, Belgravia, London SW1X 8HU
Method of application:
via VFS (book your appointment here)

Embassy of Belgium

Address: 17 Grosvenor Cres, Belgravia, London SW1X 7EE
Methods of Application:
Via Embassy (appointment required by sending an email to london.visa@diplobel.fed.be )
Via TLS website (handling fee required, book your appointments here)

Embassy of Czech Republic

Address: 26-30 Kensington Palace Gardens, London W8 4QY
Method of Application:
Via VFS (book your appointment here)

Embassy of Denmark

Address: 55 Sloane St, Knightsbridge, London SW1X 9SR
Method of Application:
Via VFS (book your appointment here)

Danish Embassy also processes Schengen visa for Iceland. Danish Embassy also processes visa application for Greenland and Faroe islands, however, the Schengen visa is not valid. There is an additional visa that you have to secure that strictly says “Valid for Greenland” and “Valid for the Faroe Islands”

Embassy of Estonia

Address:  44 Queen’s Gate Terrace, Kensington, London SW7 5PJ
Method of application:
Via the embassy (Book your appointments here)

Embassy of Finland

Address: 38 Chesham Pl, Belgravia, London SW1X 8HW
Method of application:
Via VFS (book your appointments here)
Via embassy (appointments are booked thru VFS)

Embassy of France

Address: 58 Knightsbridge, London SW1X 7JT

French Consulate
Address: 21 Cromwell Rd, Kensington, London SW7 2EN

Method of application:
Via TLS (book your appointment here)
Via French Consulate (appointment required by calling TLS contact centre 0845 7300 118)

Embassy of Germany

Address: 23 Belgrave Square, Belgravia, London SW1X 8PZ
Method of Application:
Via VFS (book your appointment here)

Embassy of Greece

Address: 1A Holland Park, Kensington, London W11 3TG
Method of Application:
Via VFS (book your appointment here)

Embassy of Hungary

Address: 35 Eaton Pl, Belgravia, London SW1X 8BY
Method of Application:
Via VFS (book your appointment here)

Some helpful information about 90 days C Visa in Hungary

Embassy of Iceland

Address: 55 Sloane St, Knightsbridge, London SW1X 9SR
Method of application:
Via VFS Denmark (Book your appointment here) 

Embassy of Italy

Address: 14 Three Kings’ Yard, Mayfair, London W1K 4EH
Method of Application:
Via VFS (book your appointment here)

Check if you need a visa via Italian Consulate

Embassy of Latvia

Address: 45 Nottingham Pl, Marylebone, London W1U 5LY
Method of Application:
Via embassy (Book your appointment via sending an email to consulate.uk@mfa.gov.lv)

Embassy of Liechtenstein

Address: C/O Embassy of Switzerland, 16-18 Montagu Place, London W1H 2BQ
Method of Application:
Via TLS Contact (book your appointment here)

Embassy of Lithuania

Address: 2 Bessborough Gardens, Westminster, London SW1V 2JE
Method of Application:
Via embassy (book your appointment here)

Embassy of Luxembourg

Address: 27 Wilton Cres, Belgravia, London SW1X 8SD
Method of Application:
Via embassy ( book your appointment by calling  020 7235 6961)

Malta High Commission

Address: Malta House, 36-38 Piccadilly, Mayfair, London W1J 0LE
Method of Application:
Via VFS (book your appointment here)

Embassy of the Netherlands

Address: 38 Hyde Park Gate, Kensington, London SW7 5DP
Method of Application:
Via VFS (book your appointment here)

Embassy of Norway

Address: 10 Palace Green, Kensington, London W8 4QA
Method of Application:
Via Embassy (make your online application here)

Embassy of Poland

Address: 47 Portland Pl, Marylebone, London W1B 1JH
Method of Application:
Via embassy (book your appointment here)

Embassy of Portugal

Address: 11 Belgrave Square, Belgravia, London SW1X 8PP
Method of Application:
Via VFS (book your appointment here)

Embassy of Slovakia

Address: 25 Kensington Palace Gardens, Kensington, London W8 4QY
Method of Application:
Via Embassy (make your online application here)

Embassy of Slovenia

Address: 17 Dartmouth St, Westminster, London SW1H 9BL
Method of Application:
Via Embassy (Make your appointment here)

Consulate of Spain

Address: 20 Draycott Pl, Chelsea, London SW3 2RZ
Method of Application:
Via BLS International (book your appointment here)

Embassy of Sweden

Address: 11 Montagu Pl, Marylebone, London W1H 2AL
Method of Application:
Via VFS (book your appointment here)

Embassy of Switzerland

Address: 16-18 Montagu Pl, Marylebone, London W1H 2BQ
Method of Application:
Via TLS Contact (book your appointment here)

Good luck on your Schengen Visa application!

If you have any questions, please leave it in the comment box below.

Easy Steps On How To Get A Schengen Visa (In the UK)


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Ryazan has a Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism and Hotel Management. She also has more than 10 years of work experience gained from working in the hotel and travel sectors in Asia and Europe. Her work has been featured and published on Huffington Post, Reader’s Digest, Discovery Channel, World Travel Guide, MSN, CNBC, GMA , Lonely Planet and many more. She is currently living in the UK as a dual citizen (British – Filipina). Join her on travelling around the globe with a mission to share the best of the world.

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      • Hi Ryazan,

        Really helpful post! Can you please help me with my query? I hold a Philippine passport, and am married to my British national husband. I do have a UK spouse visa, valid until June 2019.

        We’re planning to go to France by the end of March. I have my visa appointment this coming Thursday.

        My questions are:
        1. Can I apply under EEA/EU family member?
        2. When your visa was granted, how long was the duration of your visa?
        3. Will the visa be acceptable to enter all Schengen countries?
        4. If I do get the visa, does it mean I always have to travel with my husband for it to be valid?

        Thank you so much.

      • I have a student uk visa till 2019. I need to travel in april but in april i wouldnt have completed 3 months in the uk. does this make me not allowed to apply for a schengen visa?

      • Hi, Ry! I’m going to the UK with a visit visa. My boyfriend and I wanted to go to Spain for a week, by that time I’ll be in England. So it’s like England to Spain travel. Any advice on what to do? I don’t really have an idea.

        • Ideally, you have to apply for your Schengen visa where you currently live. So if your Spain trip is more than 3 months prior to your arrival in the UK, in certain circumstances that would be ok. However, you have to call the Spain embassy. Good luck!

    • Hi, I am married to a British citizen and living in the UK, we want to go to Greece/Portugal on holiday, as a spouse so I pay for the visa and do I only have to submit my passport and BRP?

      • Hi Renelle, you don’t have to pay for the visa. It’s free for spouses of British citizens too. You just have to submit the marriage cert and application form. They might also ask for your confirmed flights and hotels reservations.

    • Unfortunately, not all passports are created equal. So some expats who are here in the UK under Non-European passport would still need to acquire a Schengen Visa when they want to travel around the Continental Europe. Same goes for the people who are in the continent and would like to visit the UK.

      • Hi I wanted to visit Germany for short stay I have permit residence card do I have to apply for Schengen Visa? I’m traveling with my son who is British

        • To my own understanding and experience, you can only travel without visa if you are travelling with your EEA/EU citizen.

    • Thanks, Fiona. It’s probably because UK still want to have a little control over their borders. Now, that Brexit is on its way we might see few more tougher changes regarding border control.

  1. I’m so glad to be European and I don’t have to apply for this visa to visit beautiful Europe 🙂 haha
    But to anyone who is not European – I encourage you to apply for this visa if you want to visit Europe , it’s worth every effort 🙂


  2. This is a very useful and comprehensive post about getting a Schengen visa. I haven’t traveled in Europe yet, but plan to in 2018 so this is all great to know!

  3. Being English, I wasn’t aware of this type of Visa because of our freedom of movement within European countries – However with Brexit looming we might need to apply for these visa’s in the future. This post will be very helpful though for a number of friends I have from outside the Europe who may be looking for multi entry visa’s – I’ll be passing this post on 😀

  4. Thanks for the well written, and informative post, very useful information. This process isn’t that simple and you have included everything. Thanks!

  5. Luckily, we live in New Zealand so we didn’t need to apply for this visa. However, this is a very well-informed post and I’ll be sharing it my friends who do live in these countries.

  6. Such a detailed and useful post for getting a Schengen visa in the UK. I am from India and very well understand how tough and stringent the norms are for Schengen visa. Hope to travel to Europe in 2018.

  7. Very helpful. Im planning to have a two-week vacation in 4 states. If my first port is italy and i will stay there for 5 days then france and stay for 6 days, where should I apply for a visa? In the italian or french consulate? Im a PhD student here in Scotland, are they strict with students? Thanks so much.

    • Thank you, Kevin! 🙂 You should apply to get your Schengen visa in French Consulate. They are not so particular with Students as long as you have proper documentation (e.g. School docs and itinerary) and money to show you can support yourself during your trip. Good Luck! xx

  8. Would it be hard for Ph passport holder to get a Schengen Visa to the UK? How long does it usually take to secure a visa? Btw, many thanks to your very informative blog, Ryazan.

  9. Hello im kate a filipino also. May i know what document did u present? Im spouse visa also and my hubby is a british holder. Thank yoh

    • Hi Kate, I included the things that you have to submit as Spouse of EU/EEA citizen in the blog post above.

      Here it is:

      If you are on a UK spouse visa, Permanent Resident (ILR) as a Spouse of a British /EEA/EU citizen and would like to apply under the EEA/EU family member, you only have to submit the following:

      A copy of your marriage certificate
      A copy of the Bio page of your EEA/EU spouse.

      • How long is the validity of the visa granted under the EEA/EU family member scheme? If longer than the duration of the trip, does it mean I always have to travel with my husband? I’m applying through the French embassy.

        Thank you.

  10. As i live in the West Contry are there any application centre’s that are not in London or that we can apply to by post ? A round trip to London is almost 600 miles. My Turkish husband has FLR so has residency here Any help would be greatfully recieved

    • Hi Lyn, It depends which Schengen country you are going, some consulates have branches in other UK main cities like Birmingham, Manchester and Edinburgh. If you are applying for the first time, most likely you have to pay a visit to one of their office to give your fingerprints as part of the application process. Since your husband only has an FLR status here in the UK, you need to apply as a regular tourist visa. Only spouse of British citizen and EU/EEA can able to apply in a simplified process.

  11. Hi, my family are currently in the uk on tourist visa until Feb. 15, 2018. We are holding Philippine passports. Is it possible for us to apply Schengen visa in London to visit Schengen region. Which embassy in London will allow applications. Hope you can help. Thanks

    • Hi Gloria, it is possible but under very special circumstances. You need to call the embassy to explain the situation. 🙂 Good luck! Normally, their rule is you can apply the visa 3 months before your propose travel date.

  12. Hey thanks for the detailed on getting a schengen visa. What all documents would it take if I’m applying as an international student from UK and when would be the ideal time to apply?

    • Hi Shana, Thank you for your kind words.

      The documents that you would need will be most likely the same as the tourist application but you would also require a letter from your school saying that you are on leave or school holiday during your trip. You also have to state their the resume of your classes etc. It’s good if you can have this on a school letterhead. You can also include the some proof that you are a student here in the UK e.g. school ID, enrollment confirmation etc.

      The typical application period will be the 3 months prior to your travel dates. Good luck!

      • Thank you so much. It was great help. I’d like to ask just one more thing is a health insurance of 30,000 euros a must? And can’t I apply 15 days prior to my visit?

        • Your travel insurance should cover your health insurance when you travel. As long as the insurance cover will comply with the terms of the embassy you are applying, you should be ok. You can apply your visa 15 days prior to your visit, but sometimes processing period will be 2 to 3 weeks.

  13. Hi, I just want to confirm couple of things, 1. We don’t need to book the tickets but just give print of itinerary.
    2. Is it also valid for accommodation or do we need to book it and give final confirmation?


    • Hi Kunal,
      Here are the answers to your questions:

      1. Yes, you only need to print the copy of your itinerary from a travel site e.g. Expedia or Skyscanner to show your proposed travel dates.

      2. If you can book a flexible hotel/accommodation booking that would be perfect. That will give you the flexibility and option to cancel it for free in case your visa will get refused.

      All the best and enjoy Europe! 🙂

  14. HI Ryazan,

    Awesome website and materials, thank you so much. I have been asked to provide a ‘certified translation’ from A UK company of my Thai marriage certificate for my wife. Do you have any ideas of certified companies that do this please in the UK.

    It is for schengen visa in Germany.

    best wishes


  15. Hi Ryazan, that was a very informative guide. Thanks a lot for this one, much appreciated!

    A few quick questions, though:

    1) I would like to visit Europe multiple times over the next 6 months for tourism; different countries every time. However, the first visit will be to France. What is the additional thing that I need to do in my Visa application for this? Do I need to enter France first, every time then?

    2) Will a bus ticket from the UK to Paris get accepted instead of a flight itinerary?

    3) Can you please recommend some good websites for the ‘flexible accommodation’ that you have suggested?

    • Hi Rakesh,

      Thank you very much for your kind words. To answer your questions,

      You don’t have to visit France every time you will visit another Schengen state provided that your visa is valid with Multiple entries.
      The bus ticket from the UK to Paris will be ok as well, as long as you have the return journey.

      You can check my deals and resources page I normally use it to book my hotels or hostels for flexible option.

  16. Hi Ryazan, It’s very informative. I have one question though, is there any required month/s since you have had your residence card before you can apply for a Schengen visa? For instance, I’ve had mine for just a month or so, am I qualified to apply for it? Will be much appreciated if you can answer this for me. Thanks!

  17. Hi Ryazan,

    Thank you for your detailed description of the Schengen Visa application processes.

    I will be taking some time in February 2018 to visit four (4) European countries and I am certain that my first port of call will be France, would you please suggest other 3 countries, I can visit – based on ‘interesting things to do’ in each of the countries?

    Thank you.

    • WOW!! You’ll definitely love it. From France, you can catch a train to head north to Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg. If you want to head south, you can visit Andalucia, Spain and Portugal. 🙂

  18. Hi Ryazan,

    I have a UK residence card as being an EU spouse meaning I also have a Romanian Residence card which is EU. I am intending to travel alone do you think I will need still need a Schengen Visa?

    I used to travel visa free in the EU but I was accompanied by my spouse. Bytheway, this is a very informative blog you have here, well done !



    • Hi Edmar, Thank you very much for your kind words. Since you have two residence card, I can’t see any problem if you plan to travel alone or with your friends in EU using these cards without applying for a Schengen visa.

  19. Hi Ryazan,

    Very informative article. We are a group of 3 Indians who are in London for a 2 year business Visa. We would like to visit Europe that means we need a Schengen Visa. As we are already in London we cant go back to India and apply for it. I know we have 50-50 chance with few embassies. One of our friend got through Belgium embassy but another one got rejected from France embassy. Do you have any suggestions for us before we apply?. Our Visa expires only in 2020 so no worries there.Appreciate your suggestions and hints for us to pass through and visit the beautiful land.

    • Hi Nagarjuna,

      Thank you for your kind words.

      Applying in the correct embassies will help you to get approved quicker. If you are planning to visit multiple countries, you will need to submit you visa application to the Schengen state that you will be visiting longer (based on the number of days).

      Also, providing a good reason/documents that you are coming back in the UK. This can possibly be an employment contract or student enrollment form etc. Also, you have to make sure you have a sufficient amount of money that will cover your expenses per day.

      Good luck! 🙂

  20. Hi Ryazan, I’m also a Philippines passport holder and I hold a UK spouse visa. I would like to ask if you were able to obtain a Multipe- Entry Shengen visa for 1 year? I’m planning to apply for a 1 year multiple entry visa this coming February. I have previous Shengen visa, one is for Greece and other is Italy but I was able to get it when I was still living in Dubai. Is there like visa application form where I can say that I want to get a 1 year visa? Or it’s always the immigration officers decision? Thank you in advance.

    • Hi Mrs. B, You can possibly get a year Schengen visa with multiple entry but this depends on the your circumstances. I suggest to write a letter to the consulate that you will be applying and tell them your reason on why they should give you a 1-year Schengen visa.

      Just follow the requirements under the EEA/EU Family visa.

      Good luck! 🙂

  21. Thanks for your advice…
    i would like to mention one thing…
    i had already Italy visa, just previously expired and i applied a few days ago from UAE. unfortunately i got rejected the visa application .
    and they mention in the rejection letter that i submitted wrong document..
    Actually i submitted all requirements as per the check list everything was perfect from my side, even that i got rejected

    I contact embassy, as per the conversation i understand they can issue or reject a visa even without any reason also after rejection they telling any reason to us…

    • I’m sorry to know this, Rashid.

      I’m afraid they might not be able to tell you the real reason of rejection due to their confidentiality policies. I would suggest that you should appeal your application and explain to them on why they should overturn their decision and you are a genuine traveller.

  22. HI All,

    Can any one help me regarding schengen visa information. I am travelling to UK ( derby) from india with 6months business – multiple entry visa. I want to travel and see places in europe. I read somewhere that you cannot apply for schengen visa for travelers/tourists in UK. But i do not have time to apply in home country (India).

    Kindly i request you to provide some information regarding this. Thanks in advance.


  23. This is helpful, thanks!

    Quick one though, if I get a visa from the French Embassy, can I still travel to other Schengen countries (for example, Spain)? If so, do I always have to come via France (let’s say it’s a multiple entry visa)? 🙂

  24. very informative and im still confused.
    My wife is Thai lives with me in the Uk,has a valid visa and a residence permit we want to go on holiday to Greece and I cannot work this out whether she actually needs a visa or not? Spain has a tourist visa is required ,schengan website hasnt replied and the same with Greece.
    Thanks in advance

    • Hi Paul, I guess she doesn’t have a UK passport so yes, she needs to apply for a Schengen visa from Greek embassy. Same as the Spouse family permit that I applied for. You can find the link to the Greek embassy and where to book an appt on this blog post. Good luck!

  25. Hello ,
    I’m a indian citizen and my husband is british citizen. I got biometric residence permit. I’m here in uk on spouse visa. Do i apply as a family member of eu/ eea citizen? I need multiple entry visa. Am i need to provide my second trip reservations? I booked my first trip but not my second trip. I’m going to prague with my friends . Can i still apply as a family member of eu/eea citizen?

  26. Hi Ryazan 🙂

    I will be going to UK with my son and husband this April and we plan to go to Poland by May. Im married to an EU national and me and my son have an EEA Family Permit. Is it a requirement to live in the UK for 3 months before we can apply for a Schengen Visa?


  27. Is there any difference in the visa application process for a Filipina (with ILR) married to a UK citizen, travelling with her husband or travelling alone?

    I get the impression if you are the spouse of a UK citizen you can only apply under the spouse visa if you intend to travel with your spouse, otherwise you must apply for a standard tourist visa – is this correct?

    • Hi Daniel, Nope.. I applied my previous Schengen visa under the “Family Member EU/EEA” even if I didn’t travel with my husband to Schengen countries. I have only submitted the required docs for the EU/EEA spouse. (see the blog post above).

  28. Am from nigeria ,i reside in chile now and working in chile santiago ,construction and innovation company here in chile, i want to apply for B1/B2 visa ,i want to visit my brother in united state of america and am going to use two weeks in maryland ,my family they are in nigeria ,two kids and my wife ,i have business of Gas in Nigeria ,Land ,
    Moreso, i am on permanent residency in Chile ,the company i work with is Pietra company .i want spend my leave in united state of america by next year 2019 ,please kindly advice me what are the documents need to arrange apart from invitation from my uncle in united state.
    I want you to give me advice what to do regardless to B1/B2 Visiting , i go through instruction regardles to visiting/tourist.
    Please , i want to hear from you .

  29. Hi team
    I am an Indian citizen leaving in the UK on ICT TIER-2.Planning to apply for Schengen visa to visit France .my daughter studying in school year-1 age 6 .whether I need to get NOC letter from the school.we are visiting may-26 -29 2018 during school hoidays.
    I got the reference letter from my office.
    please let me know

  30. Hi,

    I am an Indian citizen shifted to the UK 1 month back. I wanted to apply for a Schengen visa from the UK. It seems like a mandatory requirement to spend atleast 3 months before applying from the UK.

    Is it possible to apply before 3 months?


  31. Hello

    Me and my Jamaican partner are travelling to Spain the end of this month we have an appointment with BLS London on the 8th may will this be enough time to get the visa. In regards to accommodation proof I booked via booking.com do I just print off the reservation page and in regards to flights I have booked them is taking a picture of the dates and our names enough info please advise I don’t want this to go wrong
    ThNk you so much

    • Hi Chloe, the confirmation of the hotel from booking.com is good but for the flights, you need to have the full flight confirmation with your partner’s name.

      Good luck! 🙂

  32. Hi, I was planning on getting a multiple entry visa, do I need to submit an itinerary for all my intended visits?

  33. Thanks for the page

    i have a question please

    i am Finnish and my husband is nigerian, we both live in the UK. He holds a permanent resisdence card in the UK. is he going to need a visa if we travel together to france for a weekend. anytime we travel together to other europe countries e.g germany, spain, finland he normally does not need a visa.

    i dont want to end up wasting admin fees with TLS if he doesnt need a visa

    • He would still need to secure a visa however, it won’t be the generic tourist visa. He can apply using the visitor visa of spouse of EU/EEA citizen. The application is typically free. Just make sure you request for multiple entries. The details of what I did is on the blog post too. Good luck.

  34. In my opinion the schengen visa is the best option out of travelling visas because you can travel so many countries with only one visa. Thank you for sharing !

  35. Hi
    I wanted to check do you need to have all your hotel and flight details on hand to be able to book an appointment for the french visa. Or can you book an appointment with out these and prepare these documents later but in time for the appointment?

  36. Hi Ryazan,

    Just a quick question, i was applying through the online application portal, they asked me to fill in the accommodation part, i have multiple bookings, but the form only allows one entry. How do i mention on the online form that i have multiple bookings, not just one?

  37. Hello,

    My husband and I are planning to go to Spain. I am currently in the UK as Work Permit/Right to Reside as Spouse.

    There are just so many sites about the documents required and it gets a bit frustrating really. We have read something about providing 6 month bank statements without overdrafts. We have savings but we have just moved it as joint few days ago to a savings account with better rate.

    My biggest worry is I’ve got overdrafts in my bank but I’ve got regular wage coming in on a monthly basis, they might deny it just because of that. Especially now they have amended the rules that we need to show confirmation of hotel reservations and flights. It’s not cheap to just throw that amount of money and just get refused. If you know what I mean. We just want to make sure. We have just been through renewal of my spousal visa a month ago, we don’t want to go through that stress anymore.

    I thought, we deserved a bit of break. We’ve gone through a great deal of hardships for the past few months, we just want to reward ourselves with a holiday in Spain.

    I hope ypu could help me get enlightened with these.

    Thank you for your time.

    Tanya McAthey

    • Hi Tanya, if you are a spouse of a British Citizen you won’t be needing to submit any of the bank statements etc. All you need to submit is the marriage certificate and your British husband should sign your application. All the best! 🙂

  38. Hi Ryazan, thanks for the valuable article, very helpful.
    I was wondering for how long was the Schengen visa that you have been granted? I heard that spouse of British citizen gets a minimum of 1 year Schengen visa?

    • I had a 6 months on my first Schengen visa and the other one is one year. You can secure longer than one year however you have to prove that you have the valid reason to have a long-term visa. good luck!

  39. Hello there, is it possible to apply for tourist schengen visa while im in the UK as tourist also? (i hold a standard uk visitor, multiple for 6months) please let me know if i have the chance. thankyouuu!

  40. Hello, I have my spousal visa and stop working for now. My husband decides to go for a holiday next year in Spain. For my marriage certificate, is NSO original copy is fine for the requirements? Do I need to give bank statements of me and my husband for the money that we have for travelling is enough? Thank you for the answers!

    • As a spouse of a British citizen, you can apply just by submitting your marriage cert (the NSO is ok, as long as its in English) and ask your husband to sign the application. It’s also free to apply.

  41. Hello Ryazan

    Thanks for your sharing this very informative blog.

    Just wanna ask if how long did it took you to receive your visa upon submission to the visa centre? Did you collect it or they will post it?
    Also, is there any separate application form for EU/EEA family members or same form applies to all?

    Thank you in advance.

  42. Hi i hope you are ok
    I want to apply for schengen visa to go belgium. I am not employed so i dont have payslips.
    I want to take my son who is british citizen to belgium.i have ILR
    I have a friend who i want to visit, offering me to stay at his place.
    I will pay the tickets.
    If i dont have payslips, what other way i can show i can support myself financially?!
    My bank statement has not enough money to show for last three months
    Only this week i received money from my son’s father.
    Will that be enough proof?
    Thank you

  43. Hey there,
    Thank you for your very helpful blog 🙂
    Do you know if Filipinos are allowed to apply for a Schengen Visa when in the UK on a Standard Visitor Visa for 6 months in the UK?
    Many thanks 🙂

  44. Hello,

    This is a great post, has helped me a lot, thank you 🙂

    I am a british citizen, and my husband is on a UK spouse visa from Tunisia.

    We have booked holiday to Venice and have our visa appt with the Italian embassy on the 28th Feb.

    I have seen that the translation of our marriage certificate needs to be stamped by the Tunisian embassy in London? We have our original in Arabic, and then a translated copy which is in English. However, we went to the Tunisian embassy last week to get the certificate stamped, and they said they cannot do it as it must first be signed by the Ministry of Affairs which is in Tunisia!

    there is no way we can go to Tunisia to get this done lol.. do you know what we can do about this? I am really worried now as I dont want the Schengen visa to be denied and our holiday go to waste. 🙁

  45. Is there a difference in the duration of schengen visa when issued by different schengen countries? Last time I got visa from France with 1 year duration. Will I get the same duration if I apply from Swiss consulate in london?

  46. So helpful, thank you!
    I just have a question, as we are based in Nottingham – do I really need to go up to London for a schengen visa application?

  47. Hi Ryazan!
    i’m holding a filipino passport and was granted tourist visa here in uk.
    my sister is planning a holiday in paris. can i apply from here?


    • Hi Sherwin, depends on your circumstances. If your travel plans is 3 months from now it would be possible, as you can tell them that it is impossible to apply in your country of residence 3 months before your proposed travel dates. However, this will still be depending on the consulate decision. Good luck!

  48. A great guide Ryazan. I’m trying to apply for a Schengen Visa for my daughter in law. She had a UK Residency Permit and is married to my son, a British Citizen. I’ve done the online application and then registered on the TLS Contact Centre website to try to book an appointment at the Manchester office. I ring every day and haven’t got through yet. There’s an option to press one and get a call back; they never call back. I feel like we are in limbo. We need the visa for when we go to VillageS Nature centerparcs in August and they say to apply 20 days before you need the visa but time is passing and we can’t get through to book the appointment and the website won’t let me proceed unless I’ve done that. It won’t take me to the page to book online either. Can anyone offer any guidance on this please?

  49. Hi Ryazan,

    We hold Indian passport and looking to apply for multiple entry schegen visa. What would be the requirements for multiple entry and what’s the best Embassy ?

    We have travel plan for Spain in December (all booked). France weekend holiday (flights booked) in November. Is France port of entry best or Spain ? as I have trouble making appointment on TLS?

    Thanks in Advance

      • Good morning, my name is Obi. My family and I will be travelling to Italy for the summer holidays. My wife and children all have their British passports, but I have only my resident permit. Do I need a visa to enter Italy as my family are all British or I can enter with my resident permit? Thanks and regards.


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