There are various things to do in Dubrovnik for everyone to enjoy.

Dubrovnik is a charming and historical city in along the Dalmatian coast.

It has been a popular destination for the last few years due to the famous tv series Game of Thrones.

It is one of the main filming locations of Game Of Thrones as their King’s landing.

My husband and I went for a short city break to visit Dubrovnik.

We were welcomed by the Dubrovnik Tourism Board and guided us on what to do in Dubrovnik using the Dubrovnik card and more.

You can read our itinerary to Dubrovnik and my hostel review of Hostel Sol Dubrovnik where we stayed at.

Croatian visa is needed in case you are Philippine passport holder or Schengen visa will enable you to enter Croatia as long as you are travelling from a Schengen area.

Here are some of the Dubrovnik points of interest

1.Dubrovnik Cable Car in Mount SRD

Mount SRD is probably one of the best vantage points to see the beauty of Dubrovnik Old Town.

The easiest and popular way to go up in the mountain is thru the cable car.You can get the cable car near the Buza Gate of the Old Town.

If you are up for an action ride, there is a Buggy track that you can rent on the top of Mount SRD.

Dubrovnik buggy on mount srd

Enjoy the activities on Mount SRD in Dubrovnik

2.Old Town City Walls

The gem of Dubrovnik!

The Dubrovnik Old town is the main highlight when you visit this beautiful Dalmatian town in Croatia.

It is one of the filming locations of Game of Thrones as the King’s Landing.

Dubrovnik city walls near pile gate

Explore and learn more about the history and culture of Dubrovnik

3. Lokrum Island

Just a few minutes boat ride from Dubrovnik Old town (Old Port) is the Lokrum Island.

The little paradise is a popular spot for the locals and visitors alike. It is also one of the filming locations of Game of Thrones.

There are various activities within Lokrum for everyone, or just simply enjoy the beach!

They also have a nudist beach here, if that’s your thing!

lokrum island

Awesome way to get to Lokrum island!

4. Dominican Monastery Museum

The Dominican Monastery Museum is architectural and cultural treasure hub in Dubrovnik.

It was established in the 12th century and completed by the 14th century.

The Dominican museum has some rich collections of artefacts and manuscripts that are considered as treasures of Dubrovnik.

Dominican Monastery Museum

5. Rector’s Palace

Dubrovnik as we know it is the Pearl of the Adriatic.  There is no doubt about that!

Dubrovnik has a colourful history way even before the times of Napoleon invasion.

Dubrovnik was once known as the Republic of Ragusa. A wealthy and powerful small republic in Croatia.

The Rector is the head of the republic and this Rector’s palace also served as the seat of the council and the centre of administration of the republic.

Rector's Palace

6. Cathedral Treasury (Dubrovnik Cathedral)

The Dubrovnik Cathedral is at the heart of Old town.

The cathedral was believed to be built by King Richard I of England a.k.a Richard the Lionheart, as a thanksgiving pledge when he was shipwrecked on the Lokrum island.

The Cathedral treasury is a part of the Cathedral where they keep all the valuable treasure and relics.

It’s definitely worth a visit!

Dubrovnik Cathedral

7. Fort Lovrijenac

The Fort Lovrijenac is located outside the Dubrovnik Old town.

It serves as one of the fortresses to defend the Dubrovnik.

It is currently a known theatre in Dubrovnik and a filming location of Game of Thrones as the Red Keep.

Fort Lovrijenac

8. Fort Minceta

Fort Minceta served as a strategic viewpoint to defend the Dubrovnik.

Located in the Northern part of Dubrovnik Old town, and it is the highest point of the Old town city walls.

It has one of the beautiful views of the Old town.

This is one of the filming locations of Game of Thrones as the tower of the undying.

9. The Old Port

The Dubrovnik Old port has a long history and contribution to the growth of Dubrovnik.

During the time of the republic, Dubrovnik is known to build durable ships and boats which they will create secretly inside the arsenal in front of the old port.

The Old port of Dubrovnik is now a haven for the private boats and commercial boats of the locals that provides various excursions and trip to Lokrum island and other Dalmatian islands nearby.

Old Port Dubrovnik

10. Jesuit Staircase

The Jesuit staircase has become an iconic landmark in Dubrovnik due to the Game of Thrones.

It is the filming location of the famous scene of Cersei when she did the walk of atonement.

However, there is no cathedral on the top of the stairs, but during your visit, you can do and experience the famous and iconic walk!

Jesuit Staircase

I hope you’ll get to visit these places when you visit Dubrovnik.  There are more things to do in Dubrovnik.
Have fun and enjoy the Pearl of Adriatic!

Things to Do in Dubrovnik
Things to Do in Dubrovnik Lokrum Island