The Best Marrakech Tours and Day Trips That You Shouldn’t Miss

Looking for the best Marrakech tours that are worth visiting during your trip to the rose city?

Marrakech is the cultural hub of Morocco, and one of the most visited cities of the country and for a very good reason! There’s no doubt that a city like Marrakech can easily capture the hearts of every traveller.

But once the hustle and bustle of the city get you, you’ll surely end up craving for more than just the city itself.

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Known as the third largest city in Morocco, Marrakech has become one of the most sought-for destinations of the country.

Aside from cheap flights, thrilling culture, amazing weather, and one-of-a-kind Marrakech tours, the pink city of Morocco will bring you back to one of those scenes in Indiana Jones or Arabian Nights. It’s a captivating place that seeing tourists throwing efforts to pose for photos is a normal day-to-day scene – and that is definitely a clue that Marrakech is a destination that tourists flock.

The good thing is, Marrakech has a lot of equally beautiful neighbours that you can experience along with your Marrakech tour.

The best of Morocco is not confined in the borders of Marrakech. Exploring nearby Morocco’s point of interest can leave with a completely different perspective about their culture.

Here are our top picks on exciting and fun tours and day trips from Marrakech.

1. Essaouira – 3 hours from Marrakech

Take a short break from the heat of the city and indulge yourself in the finest attractions in Morocco’s countryside – Essaouira.

Essaouira Morocco

Located in Morroco’s Atlantic Coastline, Essaouira gained the moniker “Morocco’s Windy City” due to the refreshing sea breezes it offers. It brings the perfect escape to travellers who wish to see more of Morocco aside from its well-loved deserts.

Day trips from Marrakech to Essaouira wouldn’t take you so much time since the city is only 3 hours away from Marrakech.  While you stay in Essaouira, you’ll find yourself bounded by French-like structure and The Medina which is less crowded, well-preserved, and a UNESCO Heritage Site.

Save yourself from the buzz of Marrakech because Essaouira is a place that can offer you the best Marrakech tour. Check these best Essaouira day tours from Marrakech and get a rewarding vacation when you travel to Morocco.

2. Sahara Desert – 2 days, 1-night tour

Drive a few hours away from Marrakech and get ready to be stunned by the majestic view of the largest desert in the world – the Sahara.

Sahara Desert Morocco

Even though Marrakech is confined in the desert, you can never fully appreciate its beauty and experience thrill in day trips Marrakech once you explore what’s beyond the city. There you’ll find a masterpiece – a place where there are no mild things but only extremes: limited water but the tower high sand dunes will definitely quench your thirst for amazing landscapes. Here’s some handy tips on how to visit the desert in Morocco.

A tour from Marrakech to Sahara can last for more than a day. In fact, many travellers choose multiday tours such as 2 days and 1 night Sahara Desert Tour. The Sahara Desert tour from Marrakech price doesn’t have to cost much. Check this out and book your tour while it lasts!

3. Ourika Valley – 1 hour from Marrakech

The list of tours from Marrakech wouldn’t be complete without the paying a visit to the precious scenery in Ourika Valley which lies close to the Atlas Mountains.

Ourika Valley

Marrakech tours are only the tip of the iceberg because a short drive from the city will bring you not just to the world-renowned Atlas Mountains but also to an entirely different yet enthralling culture at a local village called Setti Fatma and the Berber Market. Also, there are several other villages which are century-old that you can visit.

If you wish to take a hike or have a refreshing dip at Ourika Valley’s waterfalls, take this Marrakech excursion and get the best day trips Morocco.

4. Imlil – 2 hours from Marrakech

Sitting at an elevation of 1,800 meters at the Berber village, IMLIL won’t fail you with a spectacular view of the surrounding greens.

Imlil Morocco

What’s interesting about IMLIL is that it’s a desert camp Marrakech. This only means that aside from being an attraction, it’s a great place to lodge should you fancy taking treks and reach the highest peak which is the top of Mount Toubkal. Also, take note that you don’t have to trek just to reach villages because there are several shops and gazing spots on the foot of the mountain.

Marrakech trips are made better with IMLIL. Check day trips from Marrakech for the dates that will favour your schedule.

5. Ouzoud Falls – 2.5 hours from Marrakech

Never miss the Ouzoud Falls from your day trips Marrakech and witness the impressive nature that falls from a 110 meter high to a large basin.

Ouzoud Falls in Morocco

It’s considered as the Oasis of the Marrakech’s desert due to its lush forest. Additionally, the area is recognized because of the olive trees that grow beautifully there.  A hike to the tip of the falls while having a laid-back time under its trees’ shade has made previous travellers wish to go back.

Aside from the hike, the nearby Al Abid River is also available for visitors to plunge into and beat the heat.

With its magnificent waterfalls, 2.5 hours is surely nothing compared to the adventure that you’re about to experience. Why wait to experience Ouzoud Falls? Get the Marrakech day trips and excursions to this fall and reserved while it’s still available.

6. Chefchaouen – 3 to 4 days tours

Marrakech desert tours to Chefchaouen allows every visitor to discover the blues and whites of the city under a tour that can last for about 3-4 days.

chefchaouen Morocco

Typically, this tour includes several stops. From the Ait Benhaddou to Dades Valley, Dades Valley to Erg Chebbi Desert through Todra Gorge, Erg Chebbi Desert to Fez, and eventually Fez to Chefchaouen.

The reason why this is one of the best Marrakech tours is that you get to explore not just an inch of Marrakech’s countryside but also three or four more locations without a rush.

Marrakech to Fez desert tour price is not far from the cost of this tour. Why not enjoy every bit of Morocco instead of directing yourself to the final destination?

7. Ait Benhaddou – 3.5 hours from Marrakech

Nothing can beat a journey that exposes you the flourishing history of the place – just like in Ait Benhaddou.

ait benhaddou morocco

Many people include Ait Benhaddou in their Marrakech excursion despite being more than 3 hours away from the city because of the rich story that you can decipher while you travel. In relation to the fact that this is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this ancient town served as a trade route for a very long time.

Marrakech day tours add Ait Benhaddou in their itineraries since it’s a star-studded location. Being a location to several movies, it’s easy to recognize the walls and streets of the town. Don’t miss the chance to explore it and experience it on your Marrakech tour.

8. Todra Gorges – 6 hours from Marrakech

Todra Gorges excursion from Marrakech isn’t the most popular in this list but is definitely worth trying for several reasons.

todra gorge in Morocco

The steepness of the walls in Todra Gorges established a fine attraction of climbing for tourists.  Todra Valley is also exceptionally attractive to those travellers who wish to travel by foot and decipher the secrets of the town.

Pro-tip: Excursions Marrakech or any sort of travelling gives the most treasurable experience if you experience it first-hand. Morocco can be hectic at times so be sure to book your day trip in advance.

9. Zagora – 6 hours from Marrakech

There’s no other place for deserts like Morocco. Aside from Marrakech desert tours, another desert spot that you should look for is in Zagora.

Zagora desert in Morocco

If you’re looking for a place which is not too close yet not that far from Marrakech, Zagora is definitely the wonder that suits you best. Day trips Morocco is bordered with deserts that seem to be endless yet stunning.

It’s recommended to book this day trip from Marrakech tour if you have a day or two to spare on your vacation due to its location and sight to offer.

10. Valley of the Roses / Roses Valley (El Kelaa M’gounna) – 5 hours from Marrakech

Amidst the sand, heat, and vibrant culture lies the fragrant Valley of the Roses – yielding a completely different side of Morocco in your Marrakech excursion.

roses festival in Morocco

The land of Morocco, which is basically brown and pale when you were in the city, turns out to be something lively and eye-catching. The Persian roses that are singularly small and pink covers a vast land in this town, literally attracting locals and tourists through its beauty and fragrance.

If you visit in May, you will encounter the yearly Rose Festival which is celebrated in an ancient Berber food, music, and dance.

Before anything else, make sure you spend your time in this valley with someone to tour you around. It’s recommended to take Marrakech tours to ensure you savour every second of your stay in this valley.

11. Dades Gorge – 6 hours from Marrakech

There are plenty of reasons why Dades Gorge made it into this list despite being 6 hours away from Marrakech: ancient Kasbahs, red canyons, a magnificent rock formation at monkey fingers, and the marvellous winding road is just beneath your toes.

Dades Gorge in Morocco

Perhaps, some pictures you’ve seen in the past from people who travelled to Morocco were taken in Dades Gorge. But to get the most out of it, you should allow some time to wander in this town. Take day trips Marrakech if you feel like you need a guide around the area.

12. Draa Valley – 2 days & 1-night tour

What can be more satisfying to experience in your Marrakech excursion and do in a country surrounded by sand? To visit a town with the longest river – the Draa Valley.

Draa River Valley in Morocco

Draa Valley is a literal gem of Morocco since it’s an oasis that spans from Ouarzazate City to the world-renowned Sahara Desert. It’s also home to local villages of Berber, sand dunes, and Kasbahs.

Day trips from Marrakech to the Atlas Mountains is something almost everyone wants to add some thrill in their travel. But if hiking or trekking isn’t your middle name, then sightseeing the snow-sprinkled mountains of Atlas is something you should look for in Marrakech day tours.

13. Camel Ride and Quad Biking at the Palm Grove (Palmerie) – 30 mins. From Marrakech

Just about 30 minutes from Marrakech, some fifty square miles of land is devoted to growing palm trees and has fast-becoming a top attraction in Marrakech desert tours.

camel ride in palmerie morocco

The Palm Grove, also called “Palmerie”, is strange at first glance but is also an eye-candy destination for everyone. Wondering how these palms survived despite the harsh weather? An irrigation network that is more than a century old is where the Palm Grove relies upon.

People who visit the Palm Grove spices their visit with a unique camel ride or a heart-stopping ride at a quad bike.

Once you visit Marrakech, make sure you include the Palm Grove in your tours from Marrakech.

14. Chez Ali (Cultural Show in Marrakech)

They say you never really travelled a city if you haven’t indulged in their culture – and that’s how Chez Ali stands out and make one of the best Marrakech tours out there.

Chez Ali is famous for its cultural shows that take place on Marrakech’s outskirts. This place satisfies all your five senses: from your sense of sight and sense of touch through colourful decorations and lively performances, through your sense of smell and taste with authentic Moroccan cuisine, to your sense of hearing with the traditional yet lovely sound of musicians from Morocco.

Make your reservation easier by booking here. Accommodation is also convenient as there are several hotel/riad in Medina, Marrakech.

15. Souk Medina Tour in Marrakech

For those who don’t have so much time to spare on their trips but still wanted to experience a full-blast Moroccan adventure, simply opt for the Souk Medina Tour in Marrakech.

Medina in Marrakech

Here you can wander around its alleys while beholding sights of Berber’s very own jewellery, carpets, ironware, and so much more. You can also stop and listen to storytellers or watch Djemaa El Fna entertainers on the street.

Day trips from Marrakech wouldn’t be complete without shopping so get your luck bargaining items from local vendors.

If you feel like this kind of excursion is what you’re looking for, reserve your spot now at the best rates while it’s still available.

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Experiencing the best of various day trips and tours from Marrakech will surely enrich your experience when you visit this ancient city. I personally would love to go back and see more of Morocco, not only because of its culture as well as it is one of the cheapest places to visit not far from Europe.

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