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Our visit to Marrakech was short and sweet. Visiting various Marrakech attractions and doing fun activities would take you a week or so to explore!

Morocco is a convenient option to escape the winter in Europe and a budget-friendly destination too!

Since our stay in Marrakech was a short getaway, it was made more memorable by the hospitable team of Club Hotel Riu Tikida Palmerie  (read my hotel review) as well as the All-inclusive services.

things to do in Marrakech Spices
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Be prepared for a lot of walking, haggling and experiences that will tickle all your senses. The ancient city of Marrakech is located at the foot of the Atlas mountain range in Morocco.

Marrakech is known as “the land of God” derived from the Berber word who were the first inhabitants of the city.

things to do in Marrakech Spices
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Marrakech was founded by the Almoravid desert nomads in the 11th century and used as the capital of a strong empire that they build.

Marrakech is also known as the Red or Rose city because of the reddish-pink colour of the medina walls and other infrastructures in the city that mirrors the tone of the Sahara Desert. 

You can join various tours around the city like this 3-hour tour around Marrakech and souks.

Are you wondering what to do in Marrakech?

Here are the things to do in Marrakech that will surely give you a taste of Morocco.

Experience the Hammam

Hammam is a rejuvenating experience for spa lovers when you visit Marrakech. You will feel like a Moroccan royalty and relax your aching body after walking around the souk all day.

You can find a lot of hammam spa dotted around the city with various spa services. It is one of the most popular Marrakech activities that you shouldn’t miss! Try to experience the relaxing vibes of Moroccan Hammam. You can pre-book your hammam treatments here.

Admire Ben Youssef Madrasa

The tile patterns and wood carvings of Ben Youssef Madrasa will hypnotise you to the intricate details of its walls. A Madrasa is an Islamic college.

The Ben Youssef Madrasa was named after the founding sultan of the Almoravid empire Ali bin Yusuf. It is also the largest Madrasa in Morocco.

You can enjoy the enjoy various Marrakech historical sites by joining this half-day walking tour around the Red city

Ben Youseff Madrasa Marrakech
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Explore the busy souks.

The beating heart of the Marrakech is the Jemaa El Fna square.

Myriad of wandering tourists, blaring vendors and street performers that are vying for your attention and different Moroccan dress and trinkets that will welcome you as you walk around the souks.

There are lots of handmade Moroccan lamps, ornate sequined Moroccan dresses, various Moroccan clothing, colourful spices and potpourri, dried nuts and fruits, leathers, pointy styled Moroccan shoes and handmade rugs and carpets.

Never miss a bargain when you visit the souks here is a handy shopping guide of Morocco on in getting the real bargain in the medina of Marrakech.

Enjoy the delicious Moroccan food and Mint tea

Tagine (Tajine) is a popular dish in Morocco.

It is a savoury meat stew that is slow cooked in a conical pottery mixed with different spices, fruits and nuts. Other Moroccan dishes to try are couscous, braised lentils,  pastille, kefta and piquante.

Moroccan mint tea is a traditional hot drink. It is a concoction of green tea with fresh mint leaves and sugar. The mint has a cooling effect that suits well for the warm climate in Morocco.

You can join these various food tours and activities to spice up your tastebuds with authentic Moroccan delights!

A Taste of Marrakech: Evening Food Tour + Dinner | Moroccan Cuisine: 3-Hour Open-Air Cooking Course | Marrakech Tagine Cookery Class With a Local

Try and experience the glamour of a Moroccan dress

Moroccan fashion revolves around the detailed patterns, glamourous flowing clothing and colourful fabrics.

Kaftan is a formal Moroccan traditional dress that has been adapted to various styles in the fashion world.

See some tips on what to wear in Morocco.

Hunt for the genuine Argan oil

Argan oil is a golden liquid oil from the kernel of Argan tree that is native to Morocco.

It has a promise to give you a silky and healthy skin, according to the experts in Argan oil, this is the only beauty product that you will ever need in your life.

Oh! It can also be used for cooking. Unfortunately, there are loads of counterfeit Argan oils in and outside of Morocco.

The production of Argan oil is mainly produced by the Berber co-operatives near the Atlas mountain. Here are some tips on how you can spot a genuine Argan oil.

You can join this day trip to the Atlas Mountain to experience and see the Berber community that genuinely produce Argan Oil.

Appreciate the beauty of Bahia Palace

Bahia Palace is admired building in Marrakech. Bahia Palace is located in the medina surrounded by the souks.

The Bahia Palace one of the major architectural highlights in Marrakech that depicts the sophisticated beauty and details of Moroccan architecture and design.

Here are the suggested Marrakech attractions and activities

These are my suggested Marrakech activities and attractions. Here are some other places in Morocco that you would like to consider where they filmed some Game of Thrones scenes.

If you have been to Marrakech, let me know other things, experience or places to visit in Marrakech in the comment box below.

Our stay in Marrakech was a different experience. It was my first time to visit Africa, and will definitely just the beginning of more African adventures.

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