Pros and Cons of Camping To Let You Decide If Its Right For You

Camping is one of the highlights of every summer season. Let me share with you the pros and cons of camping, which will help you decide if camping is something that you would like to do with your family and friends.

I have been enjoying camping with my family and friends and this is the way we create wonderful memories and enjoy the beautiful British countryside. It became one of our summer holiday tradition, and spend most of the prior winter months preparing for it. Over the years, here are the pros and cons of camping that I have noticed and personally experience. I will let you decide if camping is right for you!

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Pros of Camping

Cheap holiday option

Pros and Cons of Camping Campsite
Pros and cons of camping: Campsite in the Cotswold, UK

Camping is a cheap holiday option. This is the reason why it is very popular with families on a tight budget. Mainly the cost of the pitch and maybe a few extras like the electricity is the only cost that you can incur when you book a camping holiday. A camping pitch is ranging from £12 to £20 per night depending on the location and the extras that you might need or want during your camping.

Get close to nature

Camping is the best way to be with nature. You can hear all the natural sounds of the trees, birds and insects around your tent. This is truly a great experience to unwind. This is also a wonderful moment if you are camping with kids, as they get to bond with nature more and become more aware of the environment. 


Camping is a great way to relax and reboot. Being with nature helps our senses to feel more relaxed and calm.  The sounds of nature help to set the mood and relax our bodies thus a lot of health benefits come with it. Give us more time to pause and reflect on all the chaos of the busy life.

Spend time outdoor activities

Play area in the campsite
Pros and cons of camping: Play area in the campsite

One of the beauties of camping is you get to spend more time doing various outdoor activities.  Due to the simplicity of the accommodation, it would seem to feel that anything outside your tent would be the extension of your keep. One of my favourite outdoor activities when camping is the long nature hiking walk. I get to find a lot of happiness walking and enjoying the beautiful scenic hiking trails.

Wall climbing activity in the campsite
Pros and cons of camping: Wall climbing activity in the campsite

Swimming on the streams, rivers etc. and evening bonfires hang out with friends are also a great way to enjoy the outdoors while camping.

Enhances your problem-solving skills and creativity

Camping is not always be all roses. There are instances that it will test your patience and determination to push through difficult situations and problems. This will become a golden moment to flex your creativity muscles and improve your problem-solving skills to overcome a challenging situation. 

Once instance during our camping in Wales when heavy rain poured and our tent and pitch became flooded. So my friends and I immediately save our belongings and control the flood.  We then realised that our pitch has a dip hence the water goes to our area.  So to resolved the problem, we dragged our tent to the higher grounds and started cleaning up. It was a challenging and stressful afternoon, but we still had a great evening of fun and drinks.

Appreciate more little things in life

Camping will help you appreciate the little things in life.  The simplicity and going back to the basics way of travelling and experiencing new things will help you see more of what you are missing due to the busy lifestyle.

Camping personally helped me to reflect on how to appreciate the beauty of the simplicity of our surroundings and life.

Disconnect from digital life

In this digital age, looking after your digital well-being is also important. Camping is one way of disconnecting yourself from the digital world. Being in offline mode, due to limited network reception or signal can be a good thing by enjoying nature and other great activities on your campsite.

Enhance your creative cooking skills

Due to the limited kitchen facilities available when you are camping, this experience will enhance your creative cooking skills. Camping is a perfect time to do lots of barbequing while enjoying a cold drink. Mainly going back to basics type of cooking!  This will enable you to enjoy memorable moments with family and friends as you cook your dinner at the campsite.

Cons of Camping

Uncomfortable weather disruption

Camping outdoors also has its drawbacks most especially when it comes to the uncertainty of the weather. I personally experience this challenging weather disruption while camping in Wales.  It was a heavy downpour and our tent got flooded and most of our camping gear was soaked. It was an uncomfortable evening yet, it was a night to remember with good friends as we laugh off the unfortunate circumstances.

Pesky Insects

Apple Cider Vinegar to stop pesky insects in camping
Pros and cons of camping: Apple Cider Vinegar to stop pesky insects in camping

Insects are inevitable when camping.  Since you are mainly outdoors and one with nature, insects are unavoidable.

Burning ground coffee to prevent insects while camping
Pros and cons of camping: Burning ground coffee to prevent insects while camping

Bringing an insect repellent lotion to protect yourself from the nasty insect bites or alternatively slowly burn ground coffee on a small dish to prevent the insects from flying around your tents or camping area.

Difficulty of using toilet and shower facilities

Using the toilet facilities while camping can sometimes be a challenge. Communal toilet and shower areas are provided in the majority of the campsites and caravan parks. Due to being communal, this can be a problem when queuing up to use the toilet or shower at busy times of the day. Different camping gears can be used to help you build a pop-up toilet that you can set up for personal use nearer to your tent. This is ideal most especially if you have a sensitive bladder or if you are camping with kids.

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Limited electric facilities

Depending on the remoteness of the campsites, some of them has no electric hook up that you can use on your pitch.  You can pay an additional fee or choose a campsite that has an electric hook-up if you choose to have a supply of electricity whilst camping.

Using the correct camping electrical hook up outlet is necessary to avoid any electrocution accidents. This must be waterproof and dustproof to withstand the camping environment. Having limited electrical facilities can also be tricky if you have special medical needs or lots of electrical gear e.g. cameras etc. when camping.  

Limited kitchen facilities and food choices

Cooking inside the tent during camping in wales
Pros and Cons of Camping: Limited kitchen facilities

Cooking when camping can sometimes be challenging and limiting due to the lack of kitchen facilities or equipment at hand. Some campsites have a café where you can eat or drink however, the fun of camping is cooking out in the open. Due to the limited cooking equipment, barbeque is probably the favourite method of cooking food when camping. Alternatively, you can bring other portable kitchen appliances e.g. camping stove, kettle, toaster, rice cooker etc. to make your camping cooking experience much easier.

I’m sure there are a lot more of the pros and cons of camping that you can add to this list. I hope that this list can help you to determine and encourage you to try camping. Overall, it is a fun travel experience that everyone should try.

Pros and Cons of camping to let you decide if its right for you


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