The Beautiful and Best Seaside Towns in the UK for Weekend Breaks

The UK coastline boasts of a number of picturesque seaside towns. They can be the perfect spot for a weekend break if you want to enjoy the relaxing breeze from the ocean and a laid-back lifestyle. Your holiday is sorted with the best seaside towns as it offers the sand, sea, and sun.

Check out this list if you want to find the best seaside town the UK has to offer for a weekend break.

There are many beautiful seaside towns in England that will provide amazing and memorable experiences for local and foreign travellers alike. Enjoy a different vibe, one that is more laid back than what you’ll normally find in major cities in England.

There are plenty of choices when it comes to the best seaside towns near London. Here are the top 10 attractions worth considering for your next trip.

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List of the Best Seaside Towns in the UK

1. Brighton

You cannot create a list of the most beautiful seaside towns in England without mentioning Brighton. It is a vibrant town that is welcoming to visitors. It has quirky laneways with striking and lively shops, too.

Brighton Pier in Brighton UK

The Brighton Pavilion is one of the best spots to consider when you visit the town, especially if you want to go on picnics. Try heading to the Choccywoccydoodah if you want to get a taste of delicious, handmade chocolates.

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2. Portsmouth, Hampshire

Portsmouth, Hampshire is one of the prettiest coastal towns in England. This town is teeming with options when it comes to attractions to explore, such as the Emirates Spinnaker Tower and the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard.

HMS Warrior at the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard

The culture of this town is also well preserved. You can get a look at the museums showcasing the highlights of the town’s history. There are also many cultural, arts, and music festivals held throughout the year.

 3. Newquay, Cornwall

Newquay is one of the most beautiful towns in England within the coastal areas. Even if it is a bit far from London, it will always be worth the journey as this picturesque town offers plenty of places to visit.

Newquay Cornwall

It is a popular destination during the summer, particularly Fistral Beach, one of the best places ideal for surfing. But if you are not into surfing, there are still other things to do such as having a clambake by the beach, strolling through the town centre, or enjoying the flavourful ice cream in the town.

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​4. Blackpool, Lancashire

Blackpool is another good choice when it comes to weekend breaks in UK seaside towns. This coastal town is fronting the Irish Sea and is home to the popular Blackpool Pleasure Beach. It is a hip town that has a mix of old and new attractions.

If you come here, you can enjoy an amusement park with vintage rides, including wooden roller coasters. There is also a circus as well as a glass viewing platform, among other interesting and old-school attractions. Check out the Blackpool Tower and the Blackpool Tramway while you’re at it.

5. Ventnor, Isle of Wight

Another one of the pretty seaside towns in the UK for a weekend break is Ventnor. It is located on the southeast coast of the Isle of Wight and has plenty to offer its visitors all year round. For the most picturesque views, head to Sandown Bay for breathtaking cliff views (especially during sunset). 

Another unique attraction is the Ventnor Botanic Garden, which is home to a massive collection of subtropical trees and shrubs. If you plan on spending a lazy day by the beach, you definitely need to go to Ventnor Beach.

6. Whitby, Yorkshire

A lot a weekend to discover the beauty of Whitby – you won’t regret it.  As one of the most beautiful coastal towns in the UK, the area is famous for its White Flag beaches. It is also the home of the world-famous steam train of the North Yorkshire Moors Railway

This town is the perfect base for a family weekend holiday. Among the must-see destinations are the Whitby Abbey, Whitby Museum, and the Captain Cook Memorial Museum.

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7. Tenby, Wales

If you’re looking for the most beautiful seaside towns in Wales, Tenby should not be missed. This famous harbour town is filled with culture, history, and gorgeous natural scenery. The town is best known for its 13th-century town wall that stretches throughout its sandy shoreline.

Tenby Wales

Castle Beach, in particular, is one of the most popular spots for tourists seeking spectacular island views while enjoying a laid-back beach. For unique attractions, visit the Tudor Merchant’s House and St. Catherine’s Island.

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​8. Plockton, Scotland

Plockton is one of the most beautiful towns in the UK that you can set your eyes on. Located in the Highlands of Scotland, this town gives you access to the shores of Loch Carron. This is one of the most unique towns on this list because it is a village-owned nature conservation area. It is managed by the National Trust. 

When you decide to visit this town, you can expect beautifully preserved heritage sites. Aside from that, you’ll be at close quarters with coral beaches, secluded bays, and beautiful islets. Taste the local food and enjoy music in any of the pubs located all over town as well. 

9. Ballycastle, Northern Ireland

Ballycastle is part of Antrim County in Northern Ireland and is known to be one of the cheapest seaside towns in the UK. Despite the fact that it is a well-known holiday seaside town, it is cheap in the sense that you can find a lot of free things to do.

Giants Causeway in Northern Ireland

It is a great destination for those looking for a budget weekend getaway. The area has a peaceful harbour and a family-friendly promenade. The vibrant food scene, meanwhile, should not be missed because the restaurants often highlight the freshest catch of the day.

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10. Hastings, East Sussex

To complete this list of the best weekend breaks UK seaside towns have to offer, why not consider visiting Hastings in East Sussex?  Hastings is located on the southeast coast and it is best known as the site for the historical ‘Battle of Hastings’ in 1066.

Hastings East Sussex

Beyond its picturesque sceneries and harbour, its historical and cultural significance makes you want to go back there over and over again. You can learn about history when you visit the Hastings Fishermen’s Museum and Shipwreck Museum. Other must-see attractions include Hastings Castle and Hastings Pier.

Are you curious about how many seaside towns in the UK  there are waiting for you to explore? There are plenty of them, but the ones listed above are among the 10 best seaside towns in the UK.
Whether you are looking for natural beauty, history, or culture, you won’t be disappointed if you visit one or if you are lucky all of them!

the beautiful and best seaside towns in the UK


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