Why Sustainable Travel is Important Now More Than Ever!

Are you also asking yourself why sustainable travel is important now more than ever? I feel passionate about sustainable travel since my collegiate years and it only has been amplified over the years as I get involved in the Hospitality and Tourism sectors in Asia and Europe.

Sustainable travel is important because it aims to find a reasonable balance between responsible tourism and protecting the environment at the same time.  Sustainable travel focuses on making the less possible negative impact on the destination’s environment, culture and economic development. 

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Swimming in the blue lagoon of Ojos Indigenas Reserve in Puntacana
Ecological Reserve in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

In this modern-day tourism, people move and travel more than ever.  This imposes great risks not just to our environment as well in the displacements of culture.  Let me share with you some reasons why you should give sustainable travel more important now than ever.

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Why Sustainable travel is important and its impact:

Puntacana Foundation Recycled Bags
Woven plastic bags made by the locals of Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
  • Environment –  Sustainable travel is important for the environment to be able to preserve the precious flora and fauna of the destination. Ensuring that natural treasure of the place is used effectively and efficiently with minimal impact and pollution on the environment. Sustainable travel can also help in combating climate change by having less carbon footprint during the trip.
  • Culture –  Sustainable tourism is important for the culture due helping and maintaining the locals to remain in the destination. This will help to prevent any socio-cultural displacement of indigenous people of the area. Sustainable travel can help to provide a good and sustainable livelihood for the locals while helping in growing their region.
  • Economic development – Sustainable tourism is important for the economic development of the destination because of its careful planning and implementation of various development to help grow the economy of the place. Implementing appropriate laws that have sustainability in its core values will help setting up good boundaries and management strategies on how to grow the destination with less harmful impact on the environment and people.

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What is a sustainable travel plan?

Blue Mountains of Jamaica
View from the Mockingbird Hill Hotel: Blue Mountains of Jamaica

A sustainable travel plan is a way of travelling with awareness and responsibility to lessen the impact of travelling to a destination. Sustainability is the main focus of the activities in discovering the place while supporting the local communities. Staying in eco-friendly accommodations and travelling with less carbon footprint.

Upon knowing the importance of sustainable travel, you’ll probably wonder about how you can do your part to the solution by embracing the sustainability efforts of the destination. As a responsible traveller who wants to venture into a destination with sustainability in mind, planning a sustainable travel plan is an ideal way to go.

What are the examples of sustainable travel and activities:

Tourist walking on Caminito Del Rey footpath
Walking along the Camino Del Rey trail in Costa Del Sol, Spain
  • Choosing airlines that off-set carbon emissions.
  • Staying in eco-friendly accommodations.
  • Joining the walking tour activities.
  • Supporting the local business in the destinations.
  • Using public transport or car share when going around the region.
  • If possible, avoid short holidays.
  • Travel light and consume less.
  • Do not litter.
  • Do not get fossils, rocks or shells on the shore.
  • Do not poach plants.

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Benefits of Sustainable travel

The benefits of sustainable travel will be seen in the great conservation of natural resources, engaging local communities and good economic growth of the destination. All the stakeholders, locals and tourists will greatly benefit from its by-products.

Coral Reef Rehabilitation Project in Punta Cana
Coral Reef Rehabilitation Project in Punta Cana | Photo Credit: Puntacana Resorts & Club

The flora and fauna will be preserved and protected so it can continue to thrive and provide food and materials for the locals. The locals will have a livelihood to sustain themselves without harming the environment or leaving the place. The economy of the area will be growing due to the responsible businesses that it will attract that will adhere to the government’s policies and regulations.

So on the next time you venture on a trip, consider thinking about how you can become a sustainable traveller and help to protect the environment and stop climate change.

Share your thoughts on how you can help to promote sustainable travel in the comments below!

Why Sustainable travel is important now more than ever


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