Points of Interest: Ecotourism and Fun Things to Do in Jamaica

One of the main points of interest and great things to do in Jamaica is to enjoy its natural wonders. Jamaica is rich in flora and fauna cradled in beautiful landscapes and beaches. Exploring this beautiful island was truly a privilege.

I learned how the locals try to protect their beloved country during our visit. Protecting Jamaica is not just the responsibility of locals and government officials, tourists must also make a conscious effort in promoting ecotourism.

During our visit to the island, we experienced great examples of preserving and upholding ecotourism.

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Jamaica is not just about the expensive all-inclusive resorts, it is also recommended to explore the outdoors, socialise with the locals, eat local food and experience authentic Jamaican hospitality.

There are ongoing projects by the locals and small businesses to make Jamaica the prime eco-tourism spot in the Caribbean. There are rehabilitation missions to protect and preserve natural resources, landscapes and animals.

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Wondering what to do in Jamaica?

Here are some of the activities in Jamaica that you would probably enjoy and at the same time promotes sustainable tourism on the island.

1. Experience the river walks and idyllic beaches

Dunns River Falls in Jamaica
Ecotourism and Fun Things to Do in Jamaica: Dunn’s River Falls in Ocho Rios

The popular river walk in Dunn’s River Falls is one of the most visited attractions near Ocho Rios. The charming cascading river gives the visitor the rugged feel of the tropics.

A historical battle between Spanish and British forces happened in this location in the 17th century.

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Reach Falls in Portland Jamaica
Ecotourism and Fun Things to Do in Jamaica: The Reach falls in Portland

The Reach falls in Manchioneal, Portland, offers another fantastic riverwalk experience. The locals mentioned that the falls were discovered by the slaves who were seeking shelter on the John Crow Mountain. For those adventurous souls, this one is highly recommended.

Frenchman's cove in Portland Jamaica
Ecotourism and Fun Things to Do in Jamaica: Frenchman’s Cove in Port Antonio

Frenchman’s Cove in Port Antonio, Portland Parish is the beach that was made famous in the ’70s and ’80s as a private beach in the Caribbean. The place where the rich and famous people would spend their time relaxing. The beach is now open to the public with a modest entrance fee.

2. Relax and enjoy the white river rafting

River rafting in Rio Grande Jamaica
Ecotourism and Fun Things to Do in Jamaica: Bamboo river rafting in the Rio Grande

One of the main attractions in Port Antonio, Portland is the river rafting in the Rio Grande. It is a 2-hour rafting journey from the heart of Port Antonio up to the edge of the Caribbean Sea.

3. Bird watching

The Blue Mountain and John Crow peak are very popular for bird watching. The country has more than 20 species of birds endemic to the island.

Blue heron in Jamaica
Ecotourism and Fun Things to Do in Jamaica: Bird Watching

The beautiful hummingbird is the national bird of Jamaica; you can see various types of hummingbirds in the country.

4. Use local transport

Ocho rios to Portland Jamaica
Ecotourism and Fun Things to Do in Jamaica: Use local transportation

You can pretty much drive around Jamaica and see wonderful landscapes and seascapes. However, to promote more sustainability in keeping the island pristine as much as possible, I suggest trying to travel using the local bus, Knutsford Express.

When we visited Jamaica, we used the local bus from Ocho Rios to Port Antonio, Port Antonio to Kingston and Kingston to Montego Bay. It’s no fuss, no problem, like everything on the island! Cool, man!

5. Eat local produce

In terms of crops and vegetation, the island is fortunate with fertile land. Being a tropical island, coconut trees can be seen everywhere.

The national fruit of Jamaica is Ackee, this fruit is a staple food in most of the traditional Jamaican food.

Jamaican breakfast
Ecotourism and Fun Things to Do in Jamaica: Eat ackee and saltfish

The typical Jamaican breakfast is made up of Ackee and Saltfish, Callaloo, bammy, dumplings and fried plantain. Of course, served with the famous Blue Mountain Coffee.

Blue Mountains of Jamaica
Ecotourism and Fun Things to Do in Jamaica: Visi the Blue Mountains

Jerk food and patties are also local to Jamaica. I’d totally recommend trying them when you are on the island. It also helps the local communities with their farming and livelihood. You can also check out this cool attraction in Montego Bay and other cool places to visit in Jamaica.

It was a great experience to visit Jamaica.

Sustainable travel is always the best way to preserve and protect the environment. Here is a great post explaining what is sustainable tourism means.

“Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints. Kill nothing but time.”

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  1. Great post..! Thanks for sharing, really interesting to read. what an exotic place this is. The typical Jamaican breakfast looks delicious. Eco-tourism is an ideal move by the Jamaican locals and the government.

  2. The Frenchman’s Cove looks amazing, good thing it’s open to the public nowadays. I didn’t know that Ackee is the national fruit of Jamaica. The white river rafting is something I’d really enjoy . I’d love to visit this island!

  3. I love that you’ve included so many things to do which are not related to staying in resorts! This post brought many happy memories of my trip to Jamaica – Blue Mountain coffee is the best! 🙂

  4. Thank you SO much for raising awareness! It’s important to be an informed and respectful tourist, but I’m pretty happy to read that the locals and the government are working hard to promote ecotourism, trying to preserve the ecosystem. This will definitely push Jamaica up on our bucket list… and gosh your photos are so beautiful!

  5. I’m headed to Jamaica the end of this month and am excited to try their national fruit that you mentioned. Also hoping to hit the falls. I was there in December, but only M-Bay. Canada has issued a travel advisory for the Montego Bay region. Did you feel safe or have any travel concerns?

  6. Jamaica is high on my travel list. Recently I did a post on Jamiaca’s Pirate route as my road tripping goal. And when I am there I would include some of the things that you have mentioned specially Frenchman’s Cove for relaxing beach and Blue Mountain for bird watching.

  7. I love jerk food, so I’d be in heaven in Jamaica. I’d love to see the hummingbirds, I didn’t realise they were the national bird there! Great idea to use public transport to get around – I often end up using public transport and seeing way more of a place that way. Great ideas!

  8. It is so important to do our bit for sustainable tourism – both from the destination and from the visitors side! I always try to use local transport, and local food is part of the experience – and the Jamaican breakfast sounds delicious!

  9. I had no idea on how Jamaican food looks like. The breakfast with Ackee seems delicious! The beaches and the waterfalls seem also gorgeous, but this is something I was pretty sure about! Thank you for the list!

  10. I loved visiting Ochio Rios a few years ago. The rainforest and Dunn’s River Falls were a great day out. I like the layed back attitude there, so calm and relaxing.

  11. I love that you saw so many great examples of preserving and upholding ecotourism while you were in Jamaica – I’m a big advocate for responsible and sustainable travel, so am adding a visit to Jamaica to my list! It’s sad when tourists visit these Caribbean islands and don’t explore past the boundaries of their ritzy resorts – you’ve put together a great guide to how to properly and authentically explore! Dunn’s River Falls is so beautiful, and I would definitely be up for some white river rafting. Thanks too for the tip on the local buses 🙂


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