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One of the main points of interests and great things to do in Jamaica is to enjoy their natural wonders.

Jamaica is rich in flora and fauna cradled in the beautiful landscapes and beaches. Exploring this beautiful island was truly a privilege.

I’ve learned how the locals try to protect their beloved country during our visit.

Protecting Jamaica is not just the responsibility of locals and government officials, tourists must also make that conscious effort in promoting for ecotourism.

During our visit to the island, we’ve experienced great examples of preserving and upholding ecotourism.

things to do in jamaica

Jamaica is not just about the expensive all-inclusive resorts, it is also recommended to explore the outdoors, socialise with the locals, eat local food and experience the authentic Jamaican hospitality.

There are ongoing projects by the locals and small businesses to make Jamaica the prime ecotourism spot in the Caribbean. There are rehabilitation missions to protect and preserve natural resources, landscapes and animals.

Wondering what to do in Jamaica?

Here are some of the activities in Jamaica that you would probably enjoy and at the same time promotes ecotourism in the island.

1. Experience the river walks and idyllic beaches

Dunns River Falls in Jamaica

The popular river walk in Dunn’s River Falls is one of the most visited attractions near Ocho Rios.

The charming cascading river gives the visitor the rugged feel of the tropics.

A historical battle between Spanish and British forces happened in this location in the 17th century.

Reach Falls in Portland Jamaica

The Reach falls in Manchioneal, Portland, offers another fantastic river walk experience.

The locals mentioned that the falls was discovered by the slaves who were seeking shelter in the John Crow Mountain.

For those adventurous souls, this one is highly recommended.

Frenchman's cove in Portland Jamaica