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This Arctic hotel was totally the coolest hotel I’ve ever stayed in!

Kirkenes Snow Hotel — Early this year, I went on an exploration cruise with Hurtigruten in the Arctic region of Norway.

I was so excited about as it was my first ever cruise and this is not just your ordinary floating hotel type cruise. This cruise has character, is eco-friendly and promotes sustainable travel. So that alone was cool! In addition to that, this was an Arctic exploration cruise.

Kirkenes is located further north than the mainstream winter destination in Scandinavia — Lapland.

So, when we visited this Northernmost town of Norway we were literally at the top of the world here! If you need a visa to visit Norway, you can check out my guide on how to get a Schengen visa.

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During Our Stay

Entrance to the Snow Hotel Kirknes Ice bar
I was welcomed by the staff and owner of the Kirkenes Snow Hotel upon arrival in one of the Northernmost towns in Norway.

My stay in this arctic hotel was truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

A mixture of excitement, a personal challenge if I can survive the cold weather and the novelty of the whole experience sunk in when I arrived at the hotel.

I was travelling with my fellow journalists & bloggers, and we were briefed and greeted by the reception staff and the owner of the hotel as what to expect during our stay.

The staff of the Snow Hotel were attentive and helpful to all the guests.

During our dinner, we had a little presentation about the history, info about Kirkenes and full instructions to have the best night sleep you will ever have in the Arctic Circle inside the ice cabin.

How to survive and enjoy an igloo hotel. 

Hotel Review: Snow hotel Kirkenes in the Arctic Region of Norway

Sleeping with the Polar Bears in the Ice cabin

The hotel will provide you with a sleeping bag that can keep you warm up to -30 Celcius, a balaclava, woolly socks and linen as an extra layer and hygiene while you’re inside the sleeping bag.

The staff of the hotel will assist you and give you the full instructions on what to do.

For your own safety, it’s advised not to have a shower before going to bed (for obvious reasons).

I found it difficult to sleep on that evening as I can’t believe that I’m in an igloo!

To stay in this hotel, you can check their availability and prices!

Check updated hotel prices:

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Amenities & Facilities

The facilities in the snow hotel were suitably perfect for its purposes.

As an ice hotel, the ice cabins were beautifully carved with different scenes or characters and has a double bed.

The Snow Hotel has three restaurants plus an ice bar.

The restaurants offer a selection of local dishes which I would recommend that you should try!

It was my second time to try reindeer meat, this time it was a sausage (the first was when I was in Iceland).

Inside the Gabba Restaurant