Best British War Museums and Memorials to Visit in the UK

Museums are great storytellers of major world events that transpired when we weren’t even conceived.

Thanks to people devoted to conserving our past, we now have relics and narratives that speak of both beauty and hardships from before.

If you are an enthusiast of war history or just plain curious about it, head to London to see the world’s greatest museums and memorials dedicated to war.

HMS Belfast British War Museum in London
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Most war museums in London are free to visit and are regarded as kid-friendly destinations. Their focus range from old planes to army origins to war rooms, all of which are a must-visit when in London.

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Two world wars after, London definitely stood the test of time. Many of the military museums here are dedicated to World War II. The Imperial War Museum is home to the Holocaust Exhibition.

The Churchill War Rooms on the other hand are converted rooms of the New Public Offices building’s basement where Churchill held cabinet meetings there during the war. The Royal Air Force Museum also has stories and artifacts to contribute about World War II.

This includes presenting British and German aircraft that were key components in drawing Hitler away from Britain, and showing an exclusive part of the movie The Battle of Britain (1968) to the audience.

As part only of the curious bunch, my personal favorite would have to be the HMS Belfast. Imagine going inside a warship, seeing the people’s quarters and daydreaming what life was at sea while war commenced… Being able to wander inside the actual ship from the war for me beats the feeling of only seeing remnants or reading transcripts of what transpired back then.

She is a wartime survivor standing in our midst. Ready to see what will be your favorite? Here is our list of London’s historic war museums.


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HMS Belfast British War Museum in London
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