23 Best Attractions and Things to Do in Lincolnshire (UK)

Are you searching for places to visit in Lincolnshire?

There is quite a lot, I should say. From leisure parks to historic museums and food markets, this county in East England is teeming with ultimate attractions to visit.

Things to do in Lincolnshire are a handful, too. One day you’re bird watching along the coast; the next day you’re screaming at a roller coaster! 

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Here are the ultimate things to do in Lincolnshire, UK

and the best attractions that go with them:

1. Stroll in Lincolnshire

Steep Hill

Steep Hill Lincolnshire

It won’t be crowned Britain’s Best Place in the past for nothing! The street, as the name suggests, is indeed steep and was built by Romans to connect Lincoln to the nearby towns. Not only are you spoiled with shopping choices from independent shops – you are going to be amazed by how physically tiring yet socially enriching strolling in Steep Hill can be.

Lincolnshire Wolds

Hills and valleys characterize this breathtaking place, and the village and streams that surround it just add in more charm to the heaven that is Lincolnshire Wolds. The place is so beautiful that they just have to award it as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB.) If you would like to experience the true countryside, come and explore the Lincolnshire Wolds

2. Explore popular heritage destinations in Lincolnshire.

Lincoln Cathedral

lincolnshire cathedral - best things to do in Lincolnshire

The Lincoln Cathedral was once the world’s tallest building. There is a roof tour where you can see not only the grandiosity of the church but also the vastness of Lincolnshire. Inside, you will see why the Lincoln Cathedral is regarded as one of the finest examples of Gothic architecture. There’s said to be an imp hiding in the nave – make it your quest to fulfill! You can book your entry to the Lincoln Cathedral here. There is no corresponding charge on Sundays and its one of the best things to do in Lincolnshire. 

Lincoln Castle

Lincoln Castle

Walk along the medieval walls first built by William the Conqueror and see why the Lincoln Castle is such an important part of the UK’s history. There are guided tours that take you to the castle grounds, the archaeology exhibition and the prison cells that will tell you stories about the Victorian era. One of the only four Magna Carta copies can be found inside the Lincoln Castle. Entrance is £14 for adults and £7.80 for children. Ages 5 and below are free. 

RAF Cranwell

Royal Air Force Cranwell dates back from 1915 during the First World War. It serves as the first military air academy in the world. It also features artifacts and interactive displays that speak of the school’s long history in aviation. Don’t miss the flight simulator where you will try to land a Jet Provost on your own.

Doddington Hall

This Elizabethan Mansion 10 miles from Lincoln is filled with history, with the same family tree living in the hall for about 400 years. Don’t dare miss its equally awe-inspiring garden. A pass to Doddington Hall costs between £7 to £11; kids get discount rates and ages 4 and below are allowed to enter for free. 

Burghley House

Situated in Stamford is a historic house called Burghley which is definitely one of the ultimate places to visit in Lincolnshire. It is a popular wedding destination because of its elegant interiors and stunning Gardens of Surprise. As a tourist spot, people flock to marvel at the vast array of artworks collected by the past owners of the place – the 5th and 9th Earl of Exeter. Admission is £17 for adults and £9 for children ages 3 to 15.

3. Learn about Lincolnshire art  and culture.

Medieval and Wren Libraries

Above the Lincoln Cathedral are the Medieval and Wren Libraries. The 15th century books of England and the world are well-kept in ‘the most beautiful room in England’ according to art historian Sir Roy Strong. Admission to the libraries is part of the fee you pay to access the Lincoln Cathedral. They are open from 1 PM to 3 PM. Saturdays start early at 11 AM. The Medieval and Wren Libraries are closed on Sundays.

The Collection

The Collection is a free museum in Lincolnshire featuring lifestyle and relics of years passed. It has won awards for its important role in archaeology. You will be asked to use an iGuide in order for the tour to be both interesting and interactive. While you are there, the Usher Gallery is just across the road and is well worth visiting, too.

4. Lounge at beaches in Lincolnshire.

Mablethorpe Beach

Bring your bucket and spade and head to Mablethorpe Beach for a free day along the dunes. The tides along the beach are gentle enough to swim on by the whole family. There’s an area called Trusthorpe where swells occasionally build up, making it a potential playground for surfers.

Skegness Beach

You will never run out of places to go in Lincolnshire! One day, take the whole family to a holiday in the sun. Skegness’ Blue Flag beach in the southern part of Lincolnshire is a perfect getaway if you want something simple and laidback. There are donkey rides and ice cream shops in the vicinity offering wholesome fun to everyone. 

Cloud Bar

It’s the world’s first official cloudspotting area! Anderby Creek is home to a haven of cloud sightings amidst the coastal break. Gear up with your trusty raincoat and recline at the special cloudspotting seats designed not only for enthusiasts but for curious onlookers, too. A cloud menu is posted along the viewing deck so you can better identify and appreciate the different cloud formations.

5. Eat in Lincolnshire.

Castle Square

Lincoln’s historic Castle Square turns into a lively venue as its Farmer’s Market takes over. Buy cheese from local suppliers and indulge in Lincolnshire sausages as sellers come together to meet their buyers. A must-try: the ostrich burger! The market is open every third Saturday of each month.

The Old Stables

Vegans will love this place in Horncastle! The Old Stables is a coffee shop that’s a bit hidden, making it a pretty little spot for people who would like to avoid the hustle. Afternoon tea is highly recommended.

6. Immerse in nature and wildlife at Lincolnshire.

Donna Cook

Grey seals call the 10-kilometer Donna Cook their piece of heaven. From November to December, these seals give birth and propagate in the beaches here. There are also 467 species of birds to spot here. Donna Cook is open to visitors all year round – including Christmas.

Lincolnshire Wildlife Park

Lincolnshire Wildlife Park is a 20-acre woodland dedicated to protecting many animal species while teaching visitors the importance of biodiversity. Here you can see Bengal tigers up close, feed a meerkat family and get swamped by hundreds of parrots. The park is open daily from 10 AM to 4 PM for a price of £10.95 for adults and £9.50 for children. Ages 3 and below are free of charge.

Gibraltar Point

Family days out in Lincolnshire just got cooler! Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust’s Gibraltar Point is a vast reserve that is perfect for birdwatching. Its bird observatory dates back to 1949 and is one of the earliest to get established in the UK. To fully appreciate the beauty of this reserve, you must witness it in different seasons. 

7. Take the kids and kids at heart to Lincolnshire entertainment parks.


Butlins is a family resort  in Skegness which has been serving nationals and visitors since 1936. Its Seaside and Fairground Apartments boast of ultimate comfort, luxurious charm and nostalgic vibe. Included in your holiday package is access to The Fairground, a lively area full of fun rides and stall games. The scent of toffee apples and candy floss in the atmosphere will definitely bring back some childhood memories in you – truly one of the best Lincolnshire attractions out there!

Fantasy Island

It’s all about thrilling rides, nostalgic bites and arcade games at Fantasy Island. It’s definitely one of the best things to do in Skegness for the whole family. Lose your minds on the intensity of the rides – especially the range of roller coasters Odyssey, Millennium and Ice Mountains.

Woodthorpe Caravan and Leisure Park

Another family countryside getaway in Lincolnshire is Woodthorpe Leisure Park. It is a 43-acre woodland that boasts of its luxury lodges, glamping pods and country cottages. There are many activities that can be done in the park and this includes playing a round or two in its 18-hole golf course. A fun day is guaranteed and its one of the family friendly things to do in Lincolnshire. 

8. Take part in seasonal festivals happening at Lincolnshire.

Steampunk Festival

See people parade in costumes, take part in a Wacky Racers race, duel over tea and converge in a steampunk market every August. It’s truly a retro-Victorian story in live action! Make sure not to miss the exhibits at  Steampunk Embassy. Definitely one of the fun things to do in Lincolnshire.

Lincoln Christmas Market

Don’t miss this once-a-year celebration of all things Christmas at Lincoln. Festive boutiques and food treats fill up the Cathedral Theater and good Christmas bargains are up for grabs. It’s going to be four bright days of holiday shopping along the 250+ stalls of gifts and other merriment.

9. Do something different at Lincolnshire.

Kinema in the Woods

The Village of Woodhall Spa is home to the famous Kinema in the Woods, open the whole year round except on Christmas Day. The buildings that comprise of the cinema are once a farm building and a concert pavilion.

Today, you can watch the latest releases and timeless classics in this 1922 moviehouse which still uses back projectors to date. Book at the main screen and be enthralled by a regular pianist’s performance during intermission. There is a small place in the Kinema in the Woods dedicated to the Golden Age of Cinema.

I’m excited for you to explore  all these best things to do in Lincolnshire!

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