Travel Tips in Travelling with Parents

If you want to give your parents and your kids a precious gift, Plan a family trip with them. There are several benefits to travelling together. It is not necessarily the destination which makes the family vacation special. It’s the memories you make that can last for a lifetime.

There are plenty of benefits to taking your parents on vacation. Along with being fun and a getaway from your hectic life, vacations can bring you closer and your relationships can grow strong in different ways.

Advantages of Travelling with Parents

Family holidays are a great way to expand the knowledge and understanding of your children. Kids step outside their own state, town, or even country to find out the lifestyle of other societies. They can also learn how others engage and communicate socially. It helps your children gain language skills and understand social norms in various areas. When on holiday you can make new friends that you may not have met in your normal day to day life .

Travel tips on travelling with Parents in Kingston Jamaica
Our trip to Kingston, Jamaica

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Your parents need some relaxation after all life begins at 50. Going on holiday with your parents is a great way to forget about the daily stress at home, work, and simply have fun. Families can enjoy a cruise, relax on a beach, or even climb the hills. No matter what adventure activities you like, you can definitely come home recharged and ready to get back to your daily routine.

Here are some advantages of travelling with your Parents:


By travelling with your parents you can share the financial load as it were. This can have the added benefit of allowing you to try new exciting things that you may not have been able to afford if you were travelling alone.

They can help you out

Let us face it, parents can make everything better when something goes wrong. Any beautiful experience of sightseeing can become even better when it is shared. In addition, there is nothing better than sharing special moments with those who supported you your whole life.

Travelling with parents in Hong Kong and Macau
Our family trip to Hong Kong and Macau

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Travel is more interesting when shared

Ask your parents to make a bucket list and tick off the travel destinations that they might not be able to alone. Traveling with parents makes for great stories at family dinners/events.

Make holidays fun and entertaining

If you are like most of us whose parents are super crazy in the best way, you are in luck. So, holidays are always fun with parents.

It is high time to make wonderful memories that last

Honestly speaking; time does not wait for anyone. Therefore, it is always better to get out and make some wonderful memories while possible. This is what our life is about.

Pay it back!

Do you remember how your parents fulfilled your wishes and desires when you were young? You may also have had trips with them and they ensured that you had a great time. So, it’s your time to take them on a trip and live those moments again.

Tips to Travel with Parents

  1. Take Less Strenuous Activity – Allow Time for Relaxation

Even though a lot of seasoned travellers and road warriors recommend staying up to beat the jet lag, it becomes more challenging when travelling with your parents. Therefore, it is better to take less strenuous activities, listen to your body, especially when you are feeling sick, and it is begging for sleep.

It is better to take a quick nap. You can take a power nap for around 30 minutes, even while in transit. It can do wonders for your body.

When you are travelling with parents, keep in mind that they may be out of their routine and might need your help to manage all the small changes in their system. You need to be patient with them. Move at a pace that they are comfortable with.

Travelling with parents in Manila Philippines
Our family holiday to Manila, Philippines

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  1. Do not cram your itinerary

If you are planning a trip with your parents, be sure to resist the urge to schedule an activity every moment of every day, even if it is your usual way to travel. Remember that when travelling with parents they may not want to do everything you want to do. Compromise is the key.

Do not expect you can cover each tourist destination, and rather focus on enjoying each small moment in your surroundings. Take your time to have some wine at a café, for example, or enjoy some delicious meal at a nearby restaurant. As the saying goes ‘take the time to smell the roses’.

  1. Plan your itinerary with more convenience in mind

Before going on your trip, do your research and figure out the activities that both you and your parents can enjoy together. If your parents require extra assistance make sure that this is available. When booking hotels, you should choose one centrally located so you can easily get to the travel attractions and use public transport. When planning itinerary, keep their convenience in mind.

Be sure to have proper information about their medical health and pack proper medications when needed. If they have a problem in moving, make proper arrangements with an airline or hotel, and consider those issues in the itinerary. Work with them to plan an itinerary and trip that you agree on and enjoy the same.

  1. Find out their travel interests

It is important for you to ask about their travel interests, what they want to do, and where they would like to go. Remember that the trip should be enjoyable for everyone.

Another best thing about traveling with parents is that it can easily resolve the issue of the generation gap between grandchildren, children and parents. They may prefer the vintage car museum more than an amusement park for example, compromise is key.

  1. Treasure great memories

Memories are priceless. Make the most of your family time. Enjoy experiencing new places with the people you love.

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I hope that these tips may help you to plan a great family holiday with your parents.

Have you experienced travelling with your parents?
Share your experience with us in the comment box below.

Travel tips on travelling with Parents in Kingston Jamaica


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