British Isles Cruise – The UK and Ireland are known for their beautiful landscapes that are picture perfect.

Most of the travellers I know only venture to the UK’s capital city, London.

Royal Princess on British Isles Cruise

I keep telling my friends from abroad that when they want to visit the UK that there is more to see and experience in the UK than just London.

Another way of exploring the UK is through the sea on the best cruise lines with the best cruise ship packages onboard.

The British Isles are composed of Great Britain and Ireland and little tiny islands dotted around the Celtic Sea, the Irish Sea and the English Channel.

Seeing the British Isles from the sea (cruising) will give you a different sense of perspective in travelling.

I recently went cruising with Princess Cruises onboard the MS Royal Princess on a British Isles cruise.

I still consider myself as a newbie to the world of cruising.

I will tell you one thing, it’s a different world travelling on the sea and Princess Cruises just gave me a wonderful experience for a first-time cruiser to make it more relaxed and fun!

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Princess Cruise Lines has 18 cruise liners in its fleet that offers a variety of premium and luxury services for different clientele and markets.

Princess Cruises serves a wide array of cruising experiences that deliver the best cruise lines for couples and family’s, there is always something to do for all ages.

Royal Princess is the Princess Cruises flagship and it embodies the Princess Cruises style and elegance. The ship’s godmother is the Duchess of Cambridge, thus you can see find a commemoration nook about the ship’s christening near the reception.

Royal Princess Godmother the Duchess of Cambridge
Duchess of Cambridge Commemoration of Royal Princess

British Isles Cruise itinerary  

Appreciating the beautiful landscape that is just on my doorstep is often something overlooked.

I was invited by the Princess Cruises to go on board the Royal Princess around the British Isles.

Watch this video of the British Isles Cruise to inspire you!

Discover the British Isles with Princess Cruises (12 Days British Isles Cruise)

Prices from £1114 per person, (based on two guests sharing an inside stateroom)

2019 British Isles (With Dublin overnight)

12 nights | Sail date: From May 1, 2019 | Crown Princess

Sailing roundtrip from Southampton, ports of call are – Guernsey(St. Peter Port), Cork (Cobh), Dublin, Belfast, Glasgow (Greenock), Invergordon, Edinburgh and Le Havre (Paris/Normandy).

Prices from £1719 per person, with $100USD onboard credit,  a bottle of red or white wine and a complimentary speciality meal per person (based on two guests sharing an inside stateroom) – offer valid until July 2, 2018.

Book your 2019 British Isles Cruise here

I was super delighted with this offer and excited to experience everything first hand.

As a first-time cruiser, I had a mix of emotions and excitement not knowing what to expect. As I’m not familiar with the cruising drill yet!

We were also very lucky with the weather. The sun came out to greet us for the whole duration of our cruise. Yes, it was so sunny in Scotland!

English weather has its reputation for being erratic and miserable, however, during our cruise, it was a completely different story!  The sun was out and it was a blissful sunny weather in each port of call.

During our British Isles cruise, I saw the rugged limestone cliffs that paint the picturesque beauty of the British landscape.

Each port of call, opens up another window to show us a glimpse of their heritage and culture.

Living in the UK for a decade and actively travelling around the country made me realise that there is more to see in the British Isles and it’s just on my doorstep.

Ports of Call

Here are the ports of call of the 12 Nights British Isles cruise that I did with Princess Cruises.

12 Days British Isles Cruises on Royal Princess

I joined the Royal Princess and embarked on my 6-day cruise from Dublin to Edinburgh.

Here is the screenshot of my cruise personaliser where you can manage all the things you might need to enhance your cruise experience like getting your drinks packages, shore excursions, spa appointments and Wi-fi.

Cruise Personaliser of Princess Cruises

Passenger Life onboard Royal Princess

My Balcony cabin

The Balcony cabin where I stayed in Royal Princess exceeded my expectations and more.

My cabin was like a proper land based hotel room. The cabin is spacious with a double bed, dressing table, cabinets, fridge, TV, shower and toilet. See more of the photos below:

My Balcony Cabin onboard Royal Princess
Balcony Cabin View onboard Royal Princess
Spacious wardrobes onboard Royal Princess
Decent size toilet and shower onboard Royal Princess

The balcony is equipped with seats and a table and is just enough size for two people.  It was my favourite part of the cabin.

The mattress is so comfortable and spacious.

It definitely helped me sleep like a baby this bed certainly made me feel at home in my cabin.

For a first time cruiser on this type of ship, the premium top class quality of service that I received during my cruise with Princess Cruises really converted me on how I see cruising and life onboard.

Royal Princess is like a floating city and it’s more than just a hotel or merely a cruise ship!  I now understand why people see cruise ships as their second home.

People on board from staff to your fellow passengers will make you feel at ease and relaxed. Everyone has the cheerful vibes and smile!

Fun Facts about Royal Princess:

To construct Royal Princess it took:

  •   3 million man hours
  • 37,000 tons of steel
    More than 3 times the amount of steel in Los Angeles’ Disney Concert Hall
  • 4,000 km (2,484 miles) of electrical cable
    Enough to travel between the company’s offices near Los Angeles, Calif. and New York City
  • 360,000 liters (95,000 gallons) of paint
    More than twice what is reportedly used per year on the Golden Gate Bridge
  • 200 tons of marble
    More than 30 times the amount of marble in Michelangelo’s famous David statues.

All Day Dining and Specialty restaurants

There are 16 food outlets onboard that range from all-day dining, buffet, snacks bar and speciality restaurants.

You will never be hungry onboard!

The delightful treats, food and drinks are just within your reach in every corner of the ship.

Everything is made fresh onboard by the skilled hands of the chefs that work tirelessly to deliver these yummy delectable delights onboard.

All the main meals are included in the price of your cruise, and that is pretty much the majority of the restaurants onboard.

If you want to have a little fancy evening meal, you can then book a sumptuous dinner in any of the speciality restaurants onboard with an additional cover charge on top of your bill.

You can pre-book this in advance before your cruise, or book on the day of your embarkation.  Book it as soon as possible, as they can get pretty full and busy.

I highly recommend the steakhouse onboard – Crown Grill.

steak in crown grill Royal Princess

Oh, their steak is definitely the best I have ever had in my life!

Food outlets onboard typically serve most popular British food to give the passengers an extra taste of the British Isles.

On the beverage side, the bars onboard are particularly lively in the evening with the live band and the passengers are looking their best with their fancy frocks.

Caribbean punch on Royal Princess

Drinks are overflowing from your favourite ale, fancy wine and refreshing cocktails and at the Sea View bar, you can also enjoy the talented bartenders with their cocktail making flair show!

We were honoured to have the chance to visit the galley, where all the food magic happens.

Welcomed and escorted by the Executive Chef and Food and Beverage Manager of Royal Princess, they showed us around the galley and explained how the food preparation flows from the soup kitchen, pastry kitchen, main kitchen and up to the food service stations.

Galley Tour on Royal Princess

Everything works like clockwork and is meticulously planned months in advance and executed with precision from the sourcing of the fresh produce, preparation, cooking and serving of the food.

Our Bridge Tour

This is one of the great tours that we did onboard Royal Princess during our British Isles cruise.

It’s not my first time to visit the bridge of a ship, however, it was my first time to check out the bridge on a gigantic cruise ship like Royal Princess.

Bridge Tour on Royal Princess with the Ship Officers

The officers explained to us how they manoeuvre the ship and how to dock it. If you are into technical nautical stuff this is pretty interesting!

The ship uses a lot of very sophisticated radar technology to make sure the optimum safety and precision of everything onboard.

The officers also briefed us on different cruise ship drills and procedures on how they run things in the cruise ship.

Fun Facts about Royal Princess:

Royal Princess has:

  • A top speed of 23 knots
    Equal to 26.5 miles per hour
  • 15,000KW of transverse (sideways) thruster power
    The original Love Boat, Pacific Princess had a forward propulsion power of about 13,500KW. So Royal Princess can go faster sideways than that ship could travel forward.
  • An anchor that weighs 14 tons
  • The Sea Walk glass is 28mm (1.1 inch) thick
    More than 4 times thicker than the average car windshield glass

Entertainment and Shore Excursions 

You can never run out of things to do in a cruise ship and on shore!

On Board Entertainment

Royal Princes has a wide variety of onboard entertainment that will surely keep you engaged and entertained, whatever your interests or age might be!

At first, I was a bit sceptical about the activities onboard.  The silly naïve me thought that cruising can be boring and not for an outgoing type.  Well, I was wrong!

The ship is massive and still can’t believe that I can manage to clock in around 10,000 steps just by walking around the ship checking out different venues of activities and entertainment.

I honestly can’t fathom on how much events and activities were going on onboard, especially on a Sea Day where everyone is onboard!

Live Theatre show on Princess threatre

In Royal Princess, the majority of the entertainments and activities can be found on the midship atrium area from Decks 5 to 7.

You can find the various activities and entertainment onboard of Royal Princess here.

And if you fancy just to stay in the comfort of your own cabin, the entertainment can be your great selections of films on your tv.  Wi-Fi is also available on board, but it can be pricey, so use it wisely.

Shore Excursions

Everyone is looking forward to some great shore excursions when the cruise ship docks to a new port.

It is one of the main activities when you go cruising, unless you are a DIY person who prefers to do everything at your own pace and arrange it yourself.

Joining Shore excursions are fun and convenient and it can be arranged in advance or just head to the Shore Excursions desk.

The group tours tend to be a bit cheaper than the private ones and of course, groups tend to go at a slower pace due to the volume of fellow passengers that are travelling with you during the excursions.

The private tours on the other hand, are on the pricey side but you get what you pay for.

The flexibility and convenience are definitely worth the price not to mention that you can also personalise your shore excursions if you have decided to go for a private tour (as long as you have enough time to do so).

Northern Ireland Shore Excursions on Royal Princess

During the British Isles cruise, all our shore excursions are on private tours so we managed to beat all the queues.

So if you have the extra cash, I would recommend the private tours but it doesn’t mean that group tours would be less appealing as you will be visiting the same tour highlights.

Pool, Sports and Spa

If you want to hide and relax from it all, “The Sanctuary” on Deck 17 of Royal Princess is the best place to be.

The Sanctuary Rental Rates on Royal Princess

It’s like having your own private nook with a few fine touches.

You can either have your own sun bed or even have your own private cabana for the whole duration of your cruise or for a day! Best of all, its only for adults.

The Sanctuary on Royal Princess

Just make sure to keep the noise down, relaxation is going on!

Royal Princess recreational facilities (gym, swimming pool, jogging track, lawn court and much more) are located on Decks 16 to 19 of the ship and the Lotus Spa is located on Deck 5 near the reception and shore excursion desks.

While onboard I tried a superb relaxing spa service from Lotus Spa, I opted for the 1-hour Bamboo Massage.

It was my first time to try the bamboo massage as I thought it was something different and I had never tried it before. I made a little research to make sure that I won’t be getting any surprises during the spa session.

Bamboo Massage treatment in Royal Princess

On the day of our spa appointment, we filled out a standard assessment form then chilled out in the waiting lounge while waiting for our therapist.

The Lotus Spa has their own bathrobes, towels and locker room so if you have to change your clothing or use your own bathrobes, that is perfectly fine.

The spa treatment can be summed up in a few words, it is so relaxing and wonderful!

Enclave on Lotus Spa in Royal Princess

I must say that it is one of my most awaited onboard experiences.  I love being pampered and of course while on board will be the best time to do it, maybe during a sea day, just like ours.

Typically, my back gets so tender after a massage but thank goodness for the anti-inflammatory gel that they put on my back after the session, it does make a big difference.  No aching and tenderness for me! I’m such a happy girl after my massage session.

Our pampering session didn’t stop there, we also tried “The Enclave”, a thermal suite after our treatment.   It has some neat heated and water beds, sauna, hammam, thermal pool and sensory showers.

It’s a great place to wind down after the relaxing spa treatment at the Lotus Spa.

FAQ on Royal Princess and Princess Cruises

Does princess cruises have hair dryers

Yes. It is located on the right hand side drawer of the dressing table.

Can you smoke on princess cruises?

Yes. The Churchill lounge is the specific area where you smoke onboard.

Does princess cruises offer drink packages? 

Yes. Princess Cruises has various drinks packages to offer onboard.  From different wine, whiskey and cocktail masterclass tasting experience up to daily charge beverages are all available.

The most common packages are the:

New Grounds – $36USD per card, for all the coffee lovers.

Unlimited Soda & More – $8.05/ person / day, for unlimited softdrinks, mocktails, juices and complimentary hot chocolate onboard.

Premier Package – $59.99/person/day, for cocktails, wine, beer, bottled water, teas, soda, speciality coffees and more.

You can pre-book these drinks packages on your cruise personalizer.

Does princess cruises have Wi-Fi

Yes. There is a chargeable Wi-Fi access onboard.  Various satellite Internet packages are on offer on various plans:

600 Minutes – $199.00

400 Minutes – $159.00

200 Minutes – $99.00

100 Minutes – $69.00

Pay as you go Plan (Per Minute) – $0.79

Wi-Fi signal can be temperamental. It can depend on where you are onboard, plus it can depend on where you are at sea.

So make sure to turn off your network data on your mobile to avoid an unnecessary hefty bill.

The maritime internet is so expensive! Just keep your phone in airplane mode.

What are princess cruises prohibited items 

Here are the list of the prohibited items onboard.

Do you have to pay gratuities on princess cruises?

An optional gratuity will be automatically charged to your account on a daily basis, per person on a daily basis depending on your cabin.

You can check this on your cruise personaliser. 

Princess cruises laundry prices 

Yes, there are laundry services on board. You can also use self-service laundrettes and iron and ironing boards are also available and can be found on each cabin deck.

The rates for the self-service laundry are:

$3 for washing, $3 for drying and free of charge for using the iron and ironing board.


Read more of the Onboard Experience and Most Asked FAQ about cruising or Princess Cruises.


Overall, I had a truly wonderful first time cruising experience onboard Royal Princess.

The Premium services of Princess Cruises really made the trip special and matched an incredible itinerary around the British Isles.
They are truly true to their word that you will “Come Back New”.

Have you cruised with Princess Cruises or been on a British Isles Cruises before?
Would love to hear your experience too!

Discover the British Isles with Princess Cruises (12 Days British Isles Cruise)

Prices from £1114 per person, (based on two guests sharing an inside stateroom)

2019 British Isles (With Dublin overnight)

12 nights | Sail date: From May 1, 2019 | Crown Princess

Sailing roundtrip from Southampton, ports of call are – Guernsey(St. Peter Port), Cork (Cobh), Dublin, Belfast, Glasgow (Greenock), Invergordon, Edinburgh and Le Havre (Paris/Normandy).

Prices from £1719 per person, with $100USD onboard credit,  a bottle of red or white wine and a complimentary speciality meal per person (based on two guests sharing an inside stateroom) – offer valid until July 2, 2018.

Book your 2019 British Isles Cruise here

British Isles Cruise on Princess Cruises
Highlights of the British Isles Cruise on Royal Princess

I have been invited to join and experience the British Isles Cruise of the Princess Cruises UK PR Media Team to share my personal experience onboard. All opinions and words in this post are my own.