Eden Project: Unique Dome Greenhouse Attraction in Cornwall (Review)

Are you planning to visit the Eden Project in Cornwall?  I have been to the Eden Project a couple of times with my family and friends. I was completely amazed at a great architectural design that looks like a huge honeycomb and the sheer number of plant collection that the greenhouse biomes has. It was my first time experiencing this kind of greenhouse attraction in the UK. 

I would like to share with you some information that will help you plan your trip and appreciate the Eden Project in Cornwall. I included this attraction in the article that I wrote about the best things to do in Cornwall, UK.

What are the things you can do in Eden Project?

Eden Project in Cornwall, UK
Eden Project in Cornwall, UK

Eden Project has various things to do for all ages. Here is the list of the attractions and activities inside the Eden Project.

  • Rainforest Biome
  • Mediterranean Biome
  • Outdoor Gardens
  • Invisible World exhibition
  • Core Building
  • Tunnel of Love exhibition
  • Zip wire and adventure activities by Hangloose

Eden Project: Things to know before your visit

How to use this Google Map:

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Address: Bodelva, Par PL24 2SG (See maps above)

Opening times:

Map of the Eden Project in Cornwall
Map of the Eden Project in Cornwall

Sites gates open for parking: 9:15 am

Ticket desks open: 9:30 am

Last entry at ticket desk: 4:30 pm

Site closes: 6 pm

Eden Project Tickets and Discounts:

Tickets in Eden Project are sold as a season pass.  This will enable you to have a free entry until the following year from the date you visited Eden Project.  A validity stamp date will be noted on your ticket on arrival.

You can book your tickets and check availability to Eden Projects here.

Ticket prices are the following:

Adult ticket – £32.50  (Standard Annual Pass) | £37.50 (Peak Annual Pass)

Student ticket – £27.50 (Standard Annual Pass) | £32 (Peak Annual Pass)

Child ticket  ( 5 – 16 yrs old) –  £11 (Standard Annual Pass) | £12 (Peak Annual Pass)

Child (0 – 4 yrs old) – Free all year

1 Carer ( who accompanies 1 paying PWD) – Free all year

Dogs are welcome on Eden project grounds and garden, however, dogs are not allowed inside the biomes, except for working guide dogs.

Eden Project also offers Local’s Passes for the residents of Cornwall.  You will need to pay an annual membership either via direct debit or a one-off yearly payment.  Proof of address and ID is needed on arrival to validate your pass.

Student discounts are also available and you need to present a valid school/university ID on arrival at the Eden Project.

If you collect some Tesco Clubcard points, you can also redeem these points for an Eden Project ticket. You can book and redeem it here.

Eden project also offers a green travel incentive scheme for first-time visitors, If you travel to Eden Project via public transport or in any other form of planet-friendly way (e.g. walking, cycling etc.) you can receive a FREE GUIDE BOOK per group at the ticket desk provided you can show a proof that you travel eco-friendly way.

Car Park & Accessibility in Eden Project:

There are plenty of car parking spaces in Eden Project. If you happen to be a Blue Badge holder, you can park closer to the main entrance. You need to make sure to remember the name of the car park where you left your car.  The car park is named after fruits and vegetables, which I find it really cute touch and related to the attraction.

Eden Project is accessible to everyone.  You can access all parts of the Eden project with the help of ramps, lifts and other wheelchair and mobility scooter-friendly access.  There is also an available wheelchair that you can borrow on a first-come-first-serve basis. 

Zipline in Eden Project:

The Skywire Zip Wire (Zipline) in Eden Project is operated by another company called Hangloose Adventure.  It is known as the fastest zipline in England and one of the best things to do in Cornwall for adventure lovers.

Here are the other activities that they offer:

  • Climb
  • Gravity – Giant Swing
  • Big Air – Giant Air Bag
  • The Drop – Base Jump
  • Sky Trek  – Aerial Trekking

If you are interested in some adrenalin rush while you are at the Eden Project, you can check the availability and book here via the Hangloose Adventure website.

What is so special about Eden Project?

The Eden Project’s most special feature is the two gigantic biomes (Rainforest and Mediterranean) that serve as a big dome greenhouse for the thousands of Rainforest and Mediterranean plants that it holds. These domes became the main focal point inside the beautiful landscape of the Eden Project.

How long does it take to do Eden Project?

Based on personal experience, it will take around 3- 5 hours max if you choose just to walk around the Eden Project without doing any other activities such as the zip wire adventure, kids’ play activities and guided tours etc.

Is Eden Project worth the money?

Absolutely, you will get a lot of value for your money when you visit the Eden Project, most especially if you are passionate about the environment and sustainability. It is also worth visiting Eden Project with kids, to give them awareness about the environment, and different types of plants in the tropics and the Mediterranean climate.

Is it warm inside the Eden project? How is the Eden Project heated?

The temperature inside the Eden Project’s dome biomes is different from the outside UK climate.

It is warm inside the Rainforest biome which makes it ideal to grow and keep tropical plants. The temperature inside the Rainforest biome ranges from 18 –  35 Degrees Celsius. The high humidity inside the biome makes will also give you the feeling that you are actually walking in the rainforest in the tropics.

The Mediterranean biome is warmer than the UK climate but cooler than the Rainforest biome.  The temperature in the Mediterranean biome ranges from  9- 25 Degrees Celsius. This climate resembles the climate in Italy, Greece, California, South Africa and Western Australia.

Things to do and see inside the Rainforest biome:

Map of the Rainforest biome in Eden Project
Map of the Rainforest biome in Eden Project

Watch the video below as the staff of Eden Project tell you some nice features of the Rainforest biome.

The Wobbly Bridge
The Wobbly Bridge
The Rainforest waterfall in Eden Project
The Rainforest waterfall in Eden Project
Malaysian Nipa Hut in Eden Project in Cornwall
Malaysian Nipa Hut in Eden Project in Cornwall
Cacao for Chocolate
Cacao for Chocolate
  • Wobbly bridge
  • See the rainforest waterfall
  • Meet the Roul- Roul partridges roaming around the biome
  • See the Malaysian nipa hut
  • Discover various products such as sugar cane and Cacao for chocolate and many more.
  • See the wood carving artwork Aziza Gate by El Anatsui
  • See the vegetalista painting made by a Peruvian artist.

Things to do and see inside the Mediterranean biome:

Watch the video below as the staff of Eden Project tell you some nice features of the Mediterranean biome.

Western Australia Colourful Garden in Eden Project
Western Australia Colourful Garden in Eden Project
Succulents and Aloe in South African Garden
Succulents and Aloe in South African Garden
Rites of Dionysus Artwork
Rites of Dionysus Artwork
  • Visit the Western Australia Garden
  • See various succulents and aloes in the South African garden
  • Head towards the Ancient Olive tree
  • Enjoy the aroma in the Perfume Garden
  • See the quirky-looking citrus – Buddha’s Hand Citron at the Citrus Grove
  • Enjoy the various Mediterranean flowers and produce, such as bougainvillaea, cotton, citrus, olive and many more.
  • Look for the unique artwork display  – The Rites of Dionysus sculpture and cork pig sculpture.

What should I wear to Eden Project?

When going to Eden Project, it is advisable to wear something in layers. This is due to the temperature inside the biomes. The Rainforest biomes have a range of temperature of 18 – 35 degrees Celsius with a very humid environment that replicates the tropical climate.

The Mediterranean biome and the other sites within the Eden Project are a lot cooler. Some are even outdoors exposed to the erratic UK weather.

What is the best time to visit Eden Project?

The best time to visit the Eden project is to avoid school holidays and bank holiday weekends.  These tend to be hectic for the venue because Eden Project is one of the popular things to do in Cornwall with kids and when it’s raining due to mainly indoor settings.  

Are there animals or birds at the Eden Project?

You can find various insects and small birds, most especially in the Rainforest biome in the Eden project but there are no other larger animals, unlike when you visit the zoo.

Can you take your own food to Eden Project?

You take small snacks, bottled water or sandwiches inside the Eden project, however, there are plenty of food outlets dotted around the various corners of the venue. You can check here the various cafés and restaurants in Eden Project.

More Upcoming New Eden Projects:

Due to the outstanding success of the Eden Project in Cornwall, the Eden Project will start to branch out and build a few more, New Edens, across the UK and in different countries around the globe.

Here is the list of the New Edens, their locations and the year they will be launching:

  • Eden Project North – Morecambe, Lancashire, UK (2024)
  • Eden Project Qingdao – Qingdao, China (2023)
  • Terra, Sustainability Pavillion – Dubai, UAE (2020 – March 2022)
  • Eden Project Colombia – Colombia, South America ( First phase, 2021)
  • Eden Project Dundee – Dundee, Scotland (2025)
  • Eden Project Anglesea – Anglesea, Victoria, Australia ( 2026)
  • Eden Project Foyle – Derry – Londonderry, UK (2025)
  • Eden Project Costa Rica – the Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica (ongoing, You can donate to their charity campaign in JustGiving)
  • Eden Project New Zealand – Christchurch, New Zealand (2025)
  • Ecological restoration of Lake Chad – Ongoing project with UNESCO
  • Eden Project Portland – Isle of Portland, UK
  • Eden Project Jizhou – Jizhou, Tianjin, China
  • Eden Project Graniteville – Graniteville, South Carolina, USA

I hope that helped you in planning your visit to the Eden Project in Cornwall. I absolutely encourage you to visit and include it in your England or UK travel itinerary.

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Eden Project: Unique Dome Greenhouse Attraction in Cornwall (Review)


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