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When you say Worcestershire to someone who hasn’t traveled there yet, chances are his thoughts will be about ‘that sauce’ or ‘the porcelain.’

Nothing wrong with that, though there is more to the place than these staple products – and its hard-to-pronounce name. (While we’re at it: according to Reader’s Digest, it’s “woostershire!”) Located right in the heart of England, the county is highly accessible, making it a popular destination for people on a hunt for somewhere nearby yet worth-visiting during their weekend breaks. Lively towns, lovely villages and lush landscape await the curious. Prepare to be inspired as we give you suggestions of things to do in Worcestershire.

Prepare to be outdoors almost all the time when you visit this beautiful county. Worcestershire is widely known for its rolling hills, waterways and countryside routes that never fail to leave guests in awe of Mother Nature’s work in this side of earth. Historic houses and cultural sites give the site stories to tell and milestones to look back to.

Worcestershire’s city and towns have unique points of interest to entice tourists.Worcester City is home to the famous cathedral which is also King John’s final resting place. Evesham, on the other hand, has a 125-acre countryside known as The Valley purposefully dedicated to shopping and strolling. Then, there are the hills of Malvern, where below them is a vineyard that produces award-winning wines.

Food and beverages enjoyed in Worcestershire are a mixture of both traditional and new inspirations.

Tea rooms, pubs and garden dining fill up the neighborhood with British meals, ales and wines. The county is also home to many types of accommodation which will leave you spoiled with choices. Guest houses and bed-and-breakfast establishments are popular picks for travelers. Its cozy and homey vibes greatly complement the countryside appeal of the place. Let’s explore more about this destination with our list of activities to do in Worcestershire.

Best accommodations and Where to stay in Worcestershire

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