20 Best Things To Do In Worcestershire,UK: A Local’s Guide

Looking for some things to do in Worcestershire? Let me show you around my home county here in the UK for more than 10 years now. When you say Worcestershire to someone who hasn’t travelled there yet, chances are his thoughts will be about ‘that sauce’, ‘Malvern hills’ or ‘the porcelain.’

Nothing wrong with that, though there is more to the place than these staple products – and its hard-to-pronounce name. ( the locals would say it as “woos-ter-shir“)

Located right in the heart of England, the county is highly accessible, making it a popular destination for people on a hunt for somewhere nearby yet worth-visiting during their weekend breaks. Lively towns, lovely villages and lush landscapes await the curious. Prepare to be inspired as we give you suggestions of things to do in Worcestershire.

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Prepare to be outdoors almost all the time when you visit this beautiful county. Worcestershire is widely known for its rolling hills, waterways and countryside routes that never fail to leave guests in awe of Mother Nature’s work on this side of the earth. Historic houses and cultural sites give the site stories to tell and milestones to look back to. Worcestershire’s cities and towns have unique points of interest to entice tourists.

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Food and beverages that can be enjoyed in Worcestershire are a mixture of both traditional and new inspirations. Tea rooms, pubs and garden dining fill up the neighbourhood with British meals, ales and wines.

The county is also home to many types of accommodation which will leave you spoiled with choices. Guest houses and bed-and-breakfast establishments are popular picks for travellers. Its cosy and homey vibes greatly complement the countryside appeal of the place.

List of different tourist attractions and things to do in Worcestershire.

1. Worcester Cathedral

Sitting at the banks of River Severn is the Worcester Cathedral. The diocese was founded in 680 A.D and the first cathedral was dedicated to St. Peter.  The cathedral is the royal tomb of King John – The monarch that signed the Magna Carta. The tomb of Prince Arthur, the first-born son of King Henry VII can also be found here.

things to do in worcestershire - Worcester Cathedral
Best things to do in Worcestershire: Visit the Worcester Cathedral

The cathedral serves as the heart of Worcester for hundreds of years. A visit to the cathedral is one of the free things to do in Worcestershire, you’ll be amazed by the heritage and history that you can find here.  

Every time I will visit the Worcester Cathedral, I can’t help but admire the stained glass and the metal pipe organ.  If you want to have a beautiful picture of the cathedral, you need to head towards the other side of the river banks. 

2. Severn Valley Railway

A perfect day activity for families is a visit to the Severn Valley Railway. The Severn Valley Railway is a steam train tourist attraction in Worcestershire.  The train line was opened in 1862, linking Shropshire and Worcestershire. A fun day out for the kids and train enthusiasts! You can enjoy the 16-mile train journey from Kidderminster to Bridgnorth. Passing thru different scenic countryside of Worcestershire and Roman aqueduct bridges along the way. 

I used to live a stone throw away from Severn Valley Railway.  They do organise different events most especially during Remembrance day where everyone is dressed up in their 40s attire to remember the fallen soldiers of the World Wars.

3. Carpet Museum

Kidderminster was known as the heart of the British carpet industry since Tudor times. Brintons carpet is one of the known carpet factories in the area.  The carpets made in Kidderminster were known to dress the Royal castles and palaces across Britain. The carpets were known for their high-quality woollen materials, intricate and elaborate designs. The Carpet Museum will tell and show you the history and proud heritage of this once booming industry of this town.

St Georges Church Near the Carpet Traders Way in Kidderminster Worcestershire
Best things to do in Worcestershire: Visit the Carpet Museum in Kidderminster

When I still live in Kidderminster, I love to go shopping at the Carpet Traders Way and Weavers Wharf.  It used to be where the carpet factory is located. The factory building is now converted into a shopping area and a hotel.

4. Avoncroft museum

Avoncroft Museum in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire is a perfect place to visit with the family. Enjoy the 25 historical buildings that are on display in this open museum.

You can see the beautiful thatched cottages, and medieval Worcester cathedral roof up to post world war prefab from Birmingham. Visiting the museum is one of the few things to do in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire.

5. Lickey Hills

Lickey Hills is one of my favourite spots to enjoy the beauty of the Worcestershire countryside. Sitting right at the boundaries of Worcestershire and Birmingham, this scenic woodland once belonged to the Cadbury family.

The family donated it to the council for the public to enjoy. The Lickey Hills is one of the free places to visit in Worcestershire.  There are plenty of family activities to enjoy in this country park. 

Don’t forget to head towards the Beacon where you can find the little fortress!  It has the best view in the park.

6. Malvern Hills

Another scenic countryside place to visit in Worcestershire is the Malvern Hills.  Known for its Area of Natural beauty, pure spring water, the British camp and the Malvern Hills walks. You can see the Malvern Hills map here.

Malvern Hills in Worcestershire
Best things to do in Worcestershire: Visit the Malvern Hills

It is one of the free things to do and visit in Worcestershire.  Perfect for an active day trip as you enjoy the beautiful countryside. 

After walking around the Beacon, you can also have a stroll around the quintessentially little town of Malvern.

7. Three Counties Ground

This is the mecca of everything about the Horticultural and Agricultural trade in Britain.  Every season of the year they hold an event that showcases interesting plants and livestock. If you are into gardening and farming, this is definitely a

8. Museum of  Worcester Royal Porcelain

Started in 1751, Worcester Royal Porcelain is the maker of fine china tableware in Britain.  Known for their colourful, elegant, classic designs, and fine workmanship for hundreds of years.

The museum currently holds the biggest collection of the Worcester Royal Porcelain that tells a story and part of the amazing heritage of Worcestershire.  

9. Lee Perrins Factory

If you love cooking, you probably heard of one of the most love delicious sauces called the Worcestershire Sauce.  The clue is in the name that it originates and is made in the British country of Worcestershire.

Lee Perrins Worcestershire Sauce
Best things to do in Worcestershire: Visit the Lea and Perrins in Worcester

It was a beautiful accident in 1837 when the two chemists invented this condiment after being fermented for 18 months.  From then on, the Worcestershire sauce was distributed across the whole British empire posts and embraced by the present culinary world.

10. Broadway Tower

Just sitting at the edge of the Cotswold and Worcestershire area is the Broadway tower.  A nice viewing point to see the beautiful English landscape. It was completed in 1798 and made by the landscape designer “Capability Brown”. 

Broadway Tower in Worcestershire
Best things to do in Worcestershire: Visit the Broadway Tower

Visiting the Broadway Tower is one of the perfect things to do in Worcestershire to enjoy nature. During a few selected days in the summer months, you can join for free in the deer encounter.  The Broadway tower is now a little museum that exhibits the history and significance of the tower.

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11. West Midlands Safari Park 

A visit to the West Midlands Safari Park is a nice day out for kids and the whole family! Located just outside of Kidderminster near Bewdley.

West Midlands Safari Park in Bewdley Worcestershire
Best things to do in Worcestershire: Visit the West Midlands Safari Park in Kidderminster

You can enjoy and drive around the paved path in the safari park as you visit the different areas where the animals live freely.  Always make sure to follow the driving instructions and safety precautions. WMSP also has an amusement park, safari learning centre and a good venue for hire.

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12. Beautiful poppy fields

Every summer, nothing beats seeing the beautiful poppy fields. The red gorgeous flowers that typically grow in the wild spread the vibrant colours in the English countryside.  There happen to have a few in Worcestershire.

Poppy Fields in Worcestershire
Best things to do in Worcestershire: Visit poppy fields in Bewdley

The one that I can recommend is the Poppy fields in Bewdley. You can find the directions on how to go to the poppy fields here. Park your car at the Blackstone picnic site and then cross the road where the white building is, then walk straight until you reach the Roman aqueduct arch then turn left. On your right side, you can find the beautiful poppy fields as far as your eyes can see!

13. Feckenham Wake

The Feckenham Wake is a summer historical fete that has been going on since the Tudor times. It is one of the oldest fetes in the UK. 

Feckenham Wake in Worcestershire
Best things to do in Worcestershire: Visit the Feckenham Wake

Held every June, it is a great way to spend the day with the family with various entertainments. They also organise a locomotive exhibition, different entertainment acts for kids, rides and food stalls

14. The Firs: Home of Edward  Elgar

If you are into classical music, you have probably heard of Sir Edward Elgar.  The classical music composer that made a big mark in the Victorian classical repertoire.

His work was made popular as he created music for Queen Victoria. Sir Elgar was born and grew up in Worcester. You can visit his home at The Firs, and see the beautiful countryside where the once local lad of Worcester grew up and became a renowned world-class music composer.

15. Explore the Faithful Royal City

A visit in Worcestershire won’t be complete without going around the Faithful city of Worcester. During the English civil war, Worcester is the last town in Britain that remains faithful to the reigning monarch, King Charles I.  

Kings Charles House in Worcester
Best things to do in Worcestershire: Walk around the historic town of Worcester

You can visit the beautiful thatched building turned into a restaurant named after the monarch.  This restaurant is believed to be where the ill-fated monarch went hiding during the civil war. 

You can also visit the other attractions in the city like Tudor House, Greyfriars and the Commandery. The city of Worcester also has a long strip of high streets where you can do your shopping.

16. Enjoy a day out to the races

The day out at the races is deeply rooted in British culture. You can enjoy a nice day out at the Worcester Racecourse.

A popular horse racing place within the midlands since 1718. Every June, as a tradition, the racecourse holds an annual Ladies Day. So, dress up with your best frock and have fun at the races. 

17. Visit the Sports Clubs – Worcester Sixways Rugby and Cricket club

Worcester also has a decent reputation when it comes to sports. You can visit the Worcester Sixways Rugby club and the Worcester Cricket Club

If you are a big fan of these sports, it’s a perfect way to enjoy the day in Worcestershire spent in one of these clubs. 

18. Evesham Bell Tower

The Evesham Bell Tower is the 16th-century bell tower that was once attached to the glorious Evesham Abbey.

The Abbey was not destroyed during the dissolution of the Monasteries in the 16th century.  You can admire and take a snap of the excellent perpendicular style abbey when you visit Worcestershire. 

19. Pershore Abbey

The Pershore Abbey is a prime example of the medieval Norman – Anglo Monastery.  The medieval Benedictine monastery has been the pillar of the Pershore community. 

It survived plenty of challenges over the thousands of years including the Dissolution of Monastery in the 16th century under the order of King Henry VIII.

If you love visiting and admiring the architecture of medieval churches, include Pershore Abbey during your visit to Worcestershire.

20. Witley Court and gardens

Witley Court was once one of the most beautiful manor houses in England. During its fall in 1937 due to the great fire that destroyed the mansion.

It is now managed by the National Trust.  Visitors still admire the architectural facade of the manor ruins.  The garden of Witley Court is still perfectly manicured and holds the grand statue of The Perseus and Andromeda fountain that is considered the grandest in Europe.

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That completes my list of the best things to do in Worcestershire.
Enjoy your visit to my beautiful home county.

Drop me a line when you are coming over!
See you soon. 

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